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How Network Time Protocol Can Save Your Company

network time clock

Did you know that humans have been keeping time for 5,000 to 6,000 years? The ancient Egyptians were the first to tell time by using obelisks as primitive sundials, while the first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century. This shows how important time is to human beings and in the running…

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Learn Some Unique Applications of Power over Ethernet (Poe) Clock Systems

poe clocks

PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is a system approved by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The system allows a facility to send power and data through a single Ethernet cable. Usually, most facilities send and receive data through two pairs of wires, although CAT 5 cords have four pairs. PoE clocks have come…

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Set it and Forget It — The Beauty of Wifi Clocks

clocks that use wifi

Where would we be without our clocks? They’re constantly with us — from a good old-fashioned watch to the phones we carry with us everywhere. We’re a society that runs by the clock — fitting, since we’ve been keeping time for 5,000 to 6,000 years, starting with primitive sundials and moving up to the high-tech,…

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Network Time Servers: What You Should Know

clock server

Network time servers, or a clock server for short, is a computer server that reads the actual time from a point of reference. By reading this reference clock, a clock server then distributes the time information across all clients and members on your server using a computer network. The clock server may use a local…

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NTP vs PTP: What Is The Difference?

gps ntp server

There are two major types of network timekeeping: Network Time Protocol and Precision Time Protocol. Since there is some ambiguity regarding the difference between the two protocols, let us dive into the differences. Network Time Protocol GPS NTP servers are the older of the two options. Invented in 1985, they have different strata that determine…

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3 Ways Power Over Ethernet Timekeeping Is The Best Choice For Your Business

Thinking about timekeeping isn’t something that enters into the everyday lives of most people. Trust in advanced technologies has rendered us almost involuntarily dependent on those technologies keeping time accurately for us. This, of course, hasn’t always been the case and the importance of those technologies keeping our lives, businesses, and leisure chronologically aligned can’t…

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What Is The Difference Between NTP and PTP?

gps network time server

Although the first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century, humans have been keeping track of time for 5 to 6 thousand years, starting with the ancient Egyptians, who built sundials. There has always been debate about what the absolute best way is to tell time, and that debate still rages today.…

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3 Ways GPS Technology Has Improved Our Lives

gps network time server

Global Positioning Systems, also known as GPS, have helped improve our lives in ways we don’t often notice. While we all know this technological innovation has made traveling all the easier, it has also streamlined a number of industry operations. Here are three products and/or industries that have been helped through the integration of GPS…

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The Importance of Time; A Look at NTP and PTP

gps clock

While often considered as an afterthought, making sure the time synchronization is correct in a network is crucial to its success. Some have compared being able to stop a flood quickly vs. not understand at all why there is water everywhere. When it comes to scientific and financial industries, GPS clocks are used to make…

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