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Choosing the Right PoE/WiFi Network Display

Order your NTP PoE or WiFi Display now, or let us help you find the right display for your application. 

Do you need synchronized network clocks?  A count-up or count-down timer?  A custom message display?  A gym timer?  We've got them all!  

Will you be using a PoE or a WiFi network? 

Do you need a clock/timer, a dot-matrix custom message display, or the flexibility of both? 

What size do you need? 

What format? 


       Single-sided or double-sided? 

If you already know the answers to these questions, you know what you need, so order now and get our network timing solutions coming your way today!  If not, the information below will help you find the display that best meets your needs. 

TimeMachines Display Variations

PoE2.5-inch or 4-inch4 Digit NTP Display FormatRGB-Any Color1 (Single-Sided)
2 (Double-Sided)
PoE2.5-inch or 4-inch6 Digit NTP Display FormatRGB-Any Color1 (Single-Sided)
2 (Double-Sided) - only available for 2.5-inch
PoE2.5-inch or 4-inch9 Digit NTP Display FormatRGB-Any Color1 (Single-Sided)
WiFi2.5-inch or 4-inch4 Digit NTP Display FormatRGB-Any Color1 (Single-Sided)
2 (Double-Sided)
WiFi2.5-inch or 4-inch6 Digit NTP Display FormatRGB-Any Color1 (Single-Sided)
2 (Double-Sided) - only available for 2.5-inch

If you are still learning about the different options to find that just right display for you, we have answers to all of the questions below to help you focus in on the product that best fits your application requirements.  Additional information on display specifications, part numbers, and shipping information is also included below.  

NTP PoE and WiFi Clock/Timers

(15 customer reviews)

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

PoE, WiFi

Digit Size

2.5 inches, 4 inches

Display Format

4 Digits, 6 Digits, 9 Digits, Custom

Display Color

Red, Green, White, Blue, Multi-Color RGB

Display Faces

1 (Single-sided), 2 (Double-sided)

HS Code




Country of Origin


15 reviews for NTP PoE and WiFi Clock/Timers

  1. doug (verified owner)

    I bought the POE NTP clock a few months back for use in a TV control room, and it’s perfect! The web interface is easy to use to adjust the brightness to the perfect level. Shortly after, I moved the clock into a new control room, but upon powering it back up, the clock did not work properly. I left an after hours voicemail, and was greeted with an early morning email including return/repair instructions. Upon receipt, it was 100% warranty covered, fixed, and I had a tracking number for its return in less than one day! Communication was great too! I couldn’t be more pleased! You get what you pay for, and in this case, you get excellence.

  2. Frank Kiernan (verified owner)

    I really like this clock. I really do. Hopefully I have better luck with this one than I had with the previous one (see review above). After a little less than two and a half years the first one went stone dead. But for the price there is just nothing comparable. I hope I have better luck with this one!

  3. Justin Town

    Great clocks. Strongly recommend these to anyone. Great quality and crystal clear to read from a distance.

  4. Robert Dodson

    This is a solidly build and good looking digital clock that is easy to use and works as advertised. Just plug it in and you have perfect time. For more adjustments it does have a web interface. I am thinking now about getting one in white letters with seconds for my office.

  5. John Bordelon

    Perfect size. POE works flawlessly along with time accuracy.

  6. Adam Maciejewski

    Purchased this for a busy cafeteria. It’s very easy to read and was extremely easy to set up. Great product.

  7. Kaleb Gilliland

    I have had this clock up and running for about one month now at our business. Setup was simple and straightforward. Mounting the clock is simple as well. Make sure you use a tape measure and level. The clock LED’s are bright and easy to read. Ours is mounted fairly high up on a wall in a gym. No problems seeing it. The time is correct as I have verified it a few times against our NTP. Overall, a simple straightforward solution for a clock you can setup once and not have to worry about. Ended up purchasing another one in a smaller size for our cafeteria. I was able to hide the antennae in the input cutout behind the clock to give it a more sleek appearance.

  8. C Smith

    Easy to configure and works great!
    The only real complaint I have is I would like to see smaller seconds indicators as compared to the hour and minute LED’s.
    Overall, great clock. Would recommend.

  9. jpwage79

    I like my office to look like a command center. This clock is a great touch to that affect I have it in a position where I can read it from one side of the house to the other down a 60ft hallway. Set it up in my window once just to see how far away the digits could be read… I’d say I got about 100yds away, but I have 20/15 vision too.

  10. NYmedic1

    Display is bright. It has its own built in Web server. The IP address comes up automatically when you power it up. I simply punched the IP address into my iPhone and was able to configure this unit in less than two minutes. Overall, an excellent product.

  11. Russel T.

    Great clock. Very visible and super easy to set up and operate. Plug and play is amazing and almost felt like cheating as I got everything together and saw it update time and start running.

  12. opstx

    This sntp (simple network time protocol) time display is a great time display. Installation could not be simpler, just plug it into a powered Ethernet network connection(POE- enabled) and give it a few minutes to sync. If your network wiring does not support POE the adapters are essentially plug and play also and not expensive.

    Despite the simplicity you can access the clock via a browser interface and set certain options (specifically brightness).

    Oh, yes, to get 24 hour time display your network connection needs to be 24 hours also!

    Top industrial quality construction – metal chassis, high quality displays and circuit boards.

    Couldn’t be better.

  13. Chris F.

    Though expensive for a clock, I wanted the exact, correct time at a glance, with a display readable from virtually anywhere with a sight line. This one is also completely silent (my previous electrics and of course any quartz clocks are not), and automatically resets itself after a power outage and for summer time. Golly, this clock even has its own web site for advanced settings.

    As these kind of clocks go (i.e. ones intended for commercial installation or speciallist use) the cost of this model is actually at/near the bottom of the range. Everyone must decide if the features are worth it vs. their needs. Myself, I love it.

  14. Karl G.

    I will put aside the elegant simplicity, predictability and reliability of Ethernet powered network clocks, because the concept speaks for itself. Instead will share our experience on how this clock is different than the others we have tried. Our company now has four of these clocks. We have owned several brands of Power over Ethernet (PoE) network clocks over the years. This one is easily our favorite. It also happens to be about $100 cheaper than the one it replaces (at the time of this writing).

    This product is of the ideal design in my (informed) opinion. You can simply plug it in, accepting the time server defaults, or you can easily configure your preferred time server and GMT offset using any web browser (via the clock’s embedded web server), BUT if your network DHCP server is configurable (typical of any mid-size business or school), the clocks will self-configure according to the DHCP time server options you specify.

    THE OTHER BRAND of network clock that we have on premises (starts with the letter V) has a needlessly complex provisioning and setup application. That system was much harder for us to set up. In our case it took more than an hour for a networking expert to 1. discover that a configuration utility was required, 2. download it, 3. comprehend it, 4. configure it, 5. test the setup. That’s expensive! Furthermore, we sometimes observed drift of a whole second or to from our intranet time server (OpenNTP). This may have been idiosyncratic, but it is still worth mentioning.

    BY CONTRAST this “Time Machines” clock seems to remain precisely synchronized (so far). The clock itself is 3 hops from NIST Stratum-0, and yet it appears to stay within .02 seconds (as close as we can measure) of Universal Coordinated Time. That is good enough for us, and certainly more than good enough for anything with a pulse.

  15. Frank K.

    Having installed one of Time Machines network time servers on my network a year ago this seemed the natural progression. This thing is absolutely great. The build quality is impressive – an all steel case, no plastic here. The large digits are BRIGHT! I installed the clock up high in my garage based machine shop and it’s visible from everywhere. So bright it serves as a night light in the dark shop. I have it configured with a static IP and powered from a POE Ethernet switch. Configuration took all of 5 minutes and from that point on it’s just plug and play. The fact that it was on sale just sweetened the deal. 
    Highly recommended! 
    Looking for an application for a second one.

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