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We can't make time, but has all of your timing solutions!

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TimeMachines is the preferred source for network time solutions including NTP and PTP network GPS time servers, NTP PoE and WiFi digital clock displays and timers, GPS-RF splitters and all of your network time accessories.

GPS Time Servers & Accessories

With both NTP and PTP capabilities, TimeMachines has several models of GPS network time servers that provide a reliable, Stratum 1 time source for your internal network.  And with 10MHz and 1PPS output options on a variety of our models, these GPS time servers can be master clocks that provide significant capabilities as a cost-effective solution for time synchronization on a network.

From outdoor GPS antennas, GPS splitters, extension cables, and mounting accessories, we have all the pieces that you will need for your installation needs. In addition to the GPS time servers, we provide a range of accessories including antennas, cables, and mounts to streamline and optimize the installation within your facility.

TM-Manager is a network software management tool for all of the TimeMachines products on a network.  This desktop application provides the ability to monitor, configure, and control both displays and time servers.

Clock Displays & Accessories

Our NTP clock displays, both PoE and WiFi options, can provide synchronized time throughout your site.  Our displays can function as clocks or timers, and we offer NTP PoE dot matrix displays for custom messaging on your network.   The RGB displays offer a full spectrum of colors, a variety of size and format options, and the best prices around. 

Our clock displays come with most everything needed to be used right out of the box.  If your network is not POE-enabled, you may need a POE injector.  If you want to connect the displays to an existing alarm system, we offer relay connectors.  If you need an external buzzer, we offer those too.  We also offer small, rack-mountable clock displays. 

TM-Timer is a mobile application that provides fingertip controls of our clock displays timer features from simple count-up and count-down controls to more complex Tabata timers, presentation timers, and your own custom programs.

TimeMachines offers a variety of professional time synchronization products to meet all of your network timing needs!  At TimeMachines, our focus is on quality, service, integrity, and price, while meeting the needs of our diverse and rapidly growing customer base.  Our products are ideal for libraries, gyms, schools, broadcast studios, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, police and public safety offices, government and military agencies, and any corporate office.  Take the time to find your timing solution today at TimeMachines!

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