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What Is A Time Server, And What Does It Do?

time servers

When managing several devices within a single network for your business, there’s plenty that could potentially go wrong. Usually, when people think of digital problems, they’re unlikely to think of one of the supposedly more simple features of computers: clocks and timekeeping. However, there are plenty of ways digital clocks and errors with timekeeping can…

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Five Industries That Rely On Network Clocks

network clock

Network clocks are an incredibly useful technology with many implications in a wide variety of professional fields. With keeping accurate time being so important in so many industries, there are plenty of businesses that make use of network time clocks. Here are just a few industries where network clocks are used to keep operations running…

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Seven Interesting Facts About Digital Scoreboards

digital scorekeeper

Digital scorekeepers are everywhere nowadays: on television, at professional and amateur sporting events, online, and more. They are capable of keeping track of the score of your favorite game, telling time, putting on massive visual displays, showing advertisements, keeping you up to date on other games that you aren’t watching, and even more. But scoreboards were not…

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