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The Time of the Internet: What Is a PoE Network Clock?

poe network clocks

One of the key parts of any business that hires workers by the hour is keeping track of time. Knowing the exact time your employees clock in and out is important. In the United States alone, $7.4 billion is lost per day due to inaccurate timesheets. While you might think the atomic clock is the…

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Keeping Time: Comparing Various Clock Types

poe digital clocks

When it comes to keeping time, you need to make sure everyone in the company is on the same page. You might think that problem is solved with all clocks thinking alike, but that would be incorrect. Standard Wall Clocks Standard wall clocks often use batteries to power the clock. They are very inaccurate and…

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The Importance of Tracking Time in the Workplace

poe clock

Keeping track of time is an important function in the workplace. Sometimes, the bottom dollar depends on how quickly certain tasks can be finished. Time tracking can help you achieve the right balance between workflow and productivity, an often underappreciated component of doing good work. After all, tracking the amount of time you spend on…

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