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Windows application for monitoring and updating TimeMachines clock products.  Features:

  • Discover clocks on the local subnet with broadcast messages
  • Set multiple clocks to Timer Mode.  Synchronized count-up and count-down operations controlled from TM-Manager
  • Scroll text messages on Dot-Matrix products
  • Monitor time and function of both POE and WiFi clocks
  • Single button web browser connection to clock configuration
  • Monitor clocks on other subnets by using manual entry.
  • Update multiple clocks with common parameters and alarm settings.

Version 2.2

  • Requires: POE clocks v4.8(B), v5.4(C), WiFi clocks v2.5(B), v3.4(C), TM1000A v2.6, and TM2000A 0.3.3 or later firmware
  • Mostly backward compatible to older firmwares. New features won't work
  • Supports 9 Digit clocks, TimeZone clock bargraph & multi-zone features
  • Sorting of columns by Device Name, IP Address, and MAC Address
  • Read Alarm settings from running clocks to local storage
  • 2.2.2 Allows Resizing columns and window for Hi-Rez Screens

Windows Download 2.2.2  MAC Download 2.2.2  Download the Manual Here

Version 2.0

  • Requires: POE clocks v4.8(B), v5.1(C), WiFi clocks v2.5(B), v3.1(C), TM1000A v2.6, and TM2000A 0.3.3 or later firmware
  • Added Support for creation and management of up to 10 Timer Programs
  • RGB Support:  Color pallet control, Presentation timer shortcuts, Timer program color changes
  • Multiple timer control windows open simultaneously

Windows Download 2.0.2  MAC Download 2.0.2  Download the Manual Here

Version 1.07

  • Requires: POE clocks v4.6, WiFi clocks v2.4, TM1000A v2.6, and TM2000A 0.3.3 or later firmware
  • Version 1.07 adds Timer Program Support in addition to Count Up/Down control and WiFi RX Signal Strength display

Windows Download 1.07   MAC Download 1.07 Download the Manual Here

After downloading.  Install and run TM-Manager.  Click the settings button on the main screen and set the broadcast IP address to match your network setup.  Update the browser if you do not have Chrome installed.

TM-Manager Time Control GUI
TM-Manager Timer Control Dialog
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