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How Synchronized Time Helps Manufacturers

How Synchronized Time Helps Manufacturers
Accurate, synchronized clocks are just as important as the machinery you use directly for manufacturing. We get into how synchronized time helps manufacturers.

For your manufacturing facility, you may give the most attention to the machinery and equipment that is directly involved in production. However, the quality of the clocks that you use throughout your building is also imperative to success. Clocks are the devices you reference to control and adjust daily operations, so they need to be precise and accurate. Some of the best clocks you can use are those that can coordinate with each other over your facility’s internal network, getting their time from the Internet or internal time servers. Let’s get into how synchronized time helps manufacturers more specifically.

Guarantees Fair Compensation

For many manufacturing businesses, workers’ wages depend on how many hours and minutes that they work each day. Therefore, you need all the clocks in your facility to show the same time so that it is clear how much time employees have spent on the job. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clearly tell when they started and finished their shifts, leading to confusion and errors with pay. Synchronized time guarantees that your records are correct and that everyone receives fair compensation.

Helps Regulate Quality

From time to time, certain instances may occur where a piece of machinery fails or experiences an issue. With synchronized time, you can record exactly when these problems happen to maintain the quality of your products. To illustrate, your facility might create food items. A delay in the process of cooking them could cause them to fall outside safety laws. If you know the time when the issue arose, you can keep track of the affected units and prevent them from moving forward in the manufacturing process. You may also need accurate time because of regulations that require you to indicate when an item passed various stages of production. With these times, you can find the root of defects much more easily than without them.

Ensures High Efficiency

Ensuring high efficiency is yet another way that synchronized time helps manufacturers. When all clocks are entirely accurate, your employees will be better able to match their workload with the time. They’ll have the means to be strict with the lengths of their breaks and maintain productivity. Precise clocks also mean that workers will not arrive at the manufacturing facility late at the start of their shifts or leave early near their end. Moreover, synchronized clocks can help staff coordinate meetings and other activities. The ever-present issue of mismatched clocks between the factory floor and the break room can also add to the length of breaks, costing hours per day of lost time.

If you run are manufacturing facility and want to experience the numerous benefits of Wi-Fi synchronized clocks, contact TimeMachines today.

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