Android and Apple Apps for Timer Control!

The TM-Timer application is a free download to allow for Android and Apple Phone App based control of the timer features of our network POE / WiFi clocks and DotMatrix displays. This application works through WiFi to control clocks and displays that are on the same local network. Count Up and Count Down feature controls are available. Multiple devices can be controlled simultaneously or individually, including the ability to start and stop multiple displays simultaneously, allowing them to count in sync with each other. The simple, intuitive interface, allows for discovery of all display devices on the network with a single button click. 8 preset Count-Down times can be set in the Count-Down mode. The app also displays the timer time as displayed on the clock/dotmatrix displays.
  • Supported in POE 4.4, WiFi 2.2, and DotMatrix 1.0 and later versions
  • Search for "TimeMachines tm-timer" on the Google Play or Apple App Stores
  • Many potential uses:  Education, Sports Training and Exercise, Event Timing
  • Please send feedback and questions to