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What To Look for in a Wall Clock

What To Look for in a Wall Clock

Wall clocks are essential features of just about any indoor space. They allow people to quickly check the time at any given moment in places ranging from schools and libraries to corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and government buildings. Because they’re the references that allow staff members and visitors to follow their daily schedules, it’s vital to choose clocks carefully. Here’s what to look for in a wall clock.

A Practical Style

In some contexts, having a more decorative or abstract design for wall clocks can be nice. For instance, you might have a large, interesting analog clock in a lobby area. For the majority of wall clocks scattered throughout your building, though, it’s often better to go for a practical style. Digital clocks are ideal for this as they can display the exact minute and even second. You can also consider whether you want single-sided or double-sided clocks. Single-sided clocks work well in wide rooms where people remain mostly stationary and need to see the clock from various angles. Double-sided clocks are perfect for hallways where people pass by from different directions since they remain visible even when far away.

A Fitting Display Size

Display size is also a part of what to look for in a wall clock. Display size influences a wall clock’s perceptibility. The larger the room the clock will be in, and the higher up on the wall you’ll place them, the bigger they must be. Fortunately, you can choose from many options when it comes to clock dimensions. TimeMachines, for example, offers wall clocks that have clocks with digits either two and a half or four inches in height. The former is sufficient when you look at the clock from a distance of 100 feet or less. The latter will remain clear from greater distances.

NTP Synchronization

NTP synchronization capabilities are too often overlooked when people are deciding on wall clocks for their facilities. With Network Time Protocol, your clocks can connect to either a local network time source—such as a time server in your building—or to a reliable outside time source over the internet. This allows all your wall clocks to display the same, accurate time. When time management and precision are important to your operations, this is a critical feature to make use of. It also helps to create an atmosphere of professionalism and punctuality.

We at TimeMachines believe that the time that you see on your wall clocks should always be correct. That’s why we supply NTP clocks that are easy to set up via PoE or WiFi. Contact us to upgrade the clocks in your building today.

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