Extended Warranty (2 and 3 Year Options)

TimeMachines' Extended Warranty Plans cover repair or replacement of our GPS network time servers due to failures or damages that occur during normal use. Your plan will cover service repairs or product replacement for the time of purchase for the period of time that you select.  Some examples of covered issues include electronics/semiconductor failure, solder joint failure, LED burnout, power supply failure, and manufacturing defects. You’re covered for the total purchase price of your item.  Note that this coverage does not cover willful damage, negligent use, theft or loss. Accidental damage coverage is not available for our products at this time.  All products manufactured by TimeMachines Inc. ("TMI") have a standard 1 year warranty to be free from defects in workmanship under normal and proper use.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding our Standard Warranty conditions and support of our products.

extended warranty for gps technology products

See Below To Order:

* Extended warranty plans for all of our GPS Time Servers can be purchased below.

* Extended warranty plan must be purchased on the same order as the item it covers.

* Currently, extended warranties are only available for orders shipping to the 48 contiguous states within the US.