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GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server with 10Mz Reference Frequency Output (TM2500C)


The TM2500C is the newest addition in the NTP/PTP GPS time server product line with the same great features, improved holdover accuracy, and reliability of the TM2000, but includes additional reference output capabilities that our customers have requested. Now both 1PPS and 10MHz reference signal outputs can be obtained from the dual SMB connectors on the TM2500. Time serving accuracy is key, include some great features, and reference output, and TimeMachines delivers a quality product at a very reasonable price for your network infrastructure!

IEEE 1588:2008 PTP Protocol, 802.1AS (gPTP), Telecom Profiles, G.8265.1, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, Automotive Profiles. Customers report testing against various media profiles such as SMPTE 2059-2. Please contact us with any questions about profile support.

Included with EACH TM2500C purchase:

12V Power Supply, GPS Patch Antenna, Quick Set-up Guide, two (2) SMB to BNC cable, and a 10MHz test report

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The TM2500C is an upgraded TM2500B and is the latest addition to our NTP/PTP GPS time server product line. The TM2500C, like our other GPS NTP servers, provides a Stratum 1 time source on the local network with no need for an internet connection. SNMP V2/V3 is supported on the device, authenticated NTP, peer NTP lookup, IPv6, PTP without GPS, and manual time setting modes. The TM2500C uses an active GPS antenna to maintain the current time as broadcast by United States’ GPS satellites worldwide. In addition, a high stability OCXO reference clock is included that allows the unit to serve time if GPS lock is lost for periods of time.

The additional processing that was added to the TM2000B to provide a greater accuracy for holdover time is also included on the TM2500C. A pair of SMB connectors on the back of the device provides both 1PPS and Synchronized 10Mz reference frequency output signals simultaneously . With this powerful feature set, the OCXO reference clock with improved holdover accuracy, and reference outputs, you cannot beat the price and capabilities of this GPS NTP server device. It is a small gem that adds so much to your network capabilities.  This unit is suitable for scientific measurement, simulcast radio system clocking, and many other high accuracy demand uses.  For the best 10MHz synchronization performance, an outdoor antenna is highly suggested.

Every TM2500C kit comes with a 12V international power supply, GPS patch antenna, two (2) SMB to BNC cables, and a 10MHz reference signal test report.


TM2000B & 2500C Quick Setup Guide

TM2000B & 2500C Manual

TM2500C Brochure

TM2500C Allan Deviation

Outdoor Antenna Products

TimeMachines Time Server Comparison
Source of Time ServedUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellites
Stratum LevelStratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)
NTP requests per second>350>750>750
NTP AuthenticationNOMD5/SHA1MD5/SHA1
Manual Time SettingNOYESYES
SNMP ManagementNOV2/V3V2/V3
Web-Based SetupYESYESYES
Network Interface Speed10/10010/100 + HW Time Stamp10/100 + HW Time Stamp
Time Protocols SupportedNTP (v1-v4)NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2
Internal Osciallator/Holdover Time SourceNOOCXO 20ppbOCXO 20ppb
Improved Holdover AccuracyN/AYESYES
Precision Time Protocol,
Unicast and Multicast
Linux Embedded OSNOYESYES
GPS Lock Requirement2D3D (optional 2D)3D (optional 2D)
Synchronized 10MHz SignalNONOYES

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