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The Advantages of Timers for Fitness Training

The Advantages of Timers for Fitness Training

Whether you run a gym or like to exercise at home, you should have a reliable way to keep track of the time. This metric is useful for creating structure and adding measurability to workouts so that you can continually improve and reach goals with strength and endurance exercises alike. The best way to break up exercise without needing to constantly look at a regular clock while you’re in the middle of difficult movements is to use a timer clock. It will give you an auditory and visual signal that will tell you when to start and stop activities. Learn about the advantages of timers for fitness training in more detail below.

Guide Time Management

People often have busy schedules and must limit their workouts to a certain number of minutes in a day. Others want to avoid wasting time spacing out or going on their phones. For both groups, timers are valuable because they guide time management. By sending signals to notify you when you should be entering a particular set or taking a break, timers help you avoid unnecessarily lengthy exercise sessions. When you rely on your phone or a normal clock, you might fail to realize when you should be finishing up and moving on to the next activity.

Give Form To Interval Training

Interval training is a specific form of exercise where the goal is to increase your heart rate to improve your cardiovascular health. Unlike jogging and other cardiovascular routines, interval training relies on high-intensity movements with minimal rest during the duration of the workout. Therefore, timers are absolutely integral for these routines. You must carefully control the duration of each exercise and rest period to keep your heart pumping at a higher rate than at rest. Without a timer, you may not know when to begin and end an exercise. You might then end up stopping short because you’re muscles or lungs are burning instead of pushing yourself to get the most out of your workout session.

Help Measure Progress

A primary way that you can quantify your progress in exercise is to count how many repetitions you can do within sets of a physical activity. This works well for things like push-ups, pull-ups, and weightlifting activities. However, you may need to use time as a measurement as well. For instance, you could aim to do a greater volume of bodyweight exercises within a set period. Instead of trying to complete a certain number of repetitions, you might want to do as many as you can in a predetermined time. For this, you’ll need a timer so that you can focus on good form and speed. The timer itself will indicate when your set period is over without requiring you to check and lose your concentration.

Now that you know the advantages of timers for fitness training, you may want to know where you can acquire them. TimeMachines is the perfect place to go, as we provide programmable clock timers that are great for exercising. You can easily adjust their settings with our TM-Timer App, which you can download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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