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Set it and Forget It — The Beauty of Wifi Clocks

clocks that use wifi

Where would we be without our clocks? They’re constantly with us — from a good old-fashioned watch to the phones we carry with us everywhere. We’re a society that runs by the clock — fitting, since we’ve been keeping time for 5,000 to 6,000 years, starting with primitive sundials and moving up to the high-tech,…

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Network Time Servers: What You Should Know

synchronized clocks

Network time servers, or a clock server for short, is a computer server that reads the actual time from a point of reference. By reading this reference clock, a clock server then distributes the time information across all clients and members on your server using a computer network. The clock server may use a local…

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NTP vs PTP: What Is The Difference?

There are two major types of network timekeeping: Network Time Protocol and Precision Time Protocol. Since there is some ambiguity regarding the difference between the two protocols, let us dive into the differences. Network Time Protocol GPS NTP servers are the older of the two options. Invented in 1985, they have different strata that determine…

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