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Applications of NTP PoE and Wi-Fi Network Displays

Applications of NTP PoE and Wi-Fi Network Displays

Time is such a pivotal element in society and the lives of individuals. Through it, we determine exactly when and even how we will perform daily tasks and actions. Due to its importance, you need devices that keep track of time accurately. Network-linked displays reference the internet for precise timekeeping, and they are useful in many settings. Here are some of the applications of NTP PoE and Wi-Fi network displays.

Sports and Fitness Timers

In gymnasiums and fitness centers, timers help to clearly break time up. Sports such as basketball and martial arts feature periods or rounds that last for a set amount of time. Timers show the minutes and seconds remaining and will make alert sounds for those who aren’t directly looking at them. Since PoE and Wi-Fi-based displays are synchronized to your building’s network, you never need to worry about them being incorrect during important games and tournaments. PoE and Wi-Fi network timers are equally useful in fitness centers, as they can help people quantify their exercise sessions when in classes.

Public and Government Building Clocks

Public and government buildings need to maintain an atmosphere of efficiency. Often, the processes within adhere to strict schedules. Correct time displays are critical to completing important tasks. Whether the building is a school, community center, or government facility, those inside should be able to see the time as they go about their activities and move between different rooms and hallways. NTP network displays synchronize to Coordinated Universal Time over the internet; you can have many displays in your building without losing time accuracy.

Business Clocks

A similar application of NTP PoE and Wi-Fi network displays uses them as clocks in business settings. For example, in an office, employees may look to wall-mounted clocks to gauge their own productivity throughout the day, to gather for meetings, and to keep track of their breaks. While computers also show time, having separate displays decreases the possibility that people will become disorganized. In manufacturing and other industrial facilities, accurate Wi-Fi or PoE network clocks are even more critical, because workers may not be near any computers. They need to be able to keep track of the time as they complete their duties, in order to stick to deadlines.

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