Network Timer Clocks

Do you need more than just a clock?  If you need a network clock timer, an interval timer, or a task timer, we have a solution for you!  Do you need to let the speaker know just how much time they have left?  Do you want to do interval training in the gym or at home?  Do you need timers synchronized across a manufacturing plant?  Do you want to individually control the clock within your classroom to become a timer - for games, or quizzes, or cleanup time?  Our network displays are flexible and our app for all of your timing needs is FREE!

Our TM-Timer App will allow you to select exactly which of your displays are showing time, and which get "turned on" as a timer.  The benefit of these network displays is that your timer functions can be synchronized in several rooms simultaneously, or set up individually and used independently.  The application works through WiFi to control displays (both WiFi and PoE) that are on the same local network.  Each display can be named within your network by their location (Room 102, Main Office, North Gym, etc.).  Thus, when you query the clocks on your app, you know exactly which display(s) to select to set and run your timer functions.

We've got lots of timing features, from simple count-up and count-down timers, to customizeable preset buttons for count-down timers, and programmable timer sequences for interval timing that you can create to be triggered by hand or at specific times of day.  Our TM-Timer App is available on GooglePlay or from the Apple App Store.  Keep reading to see how flexible and powerful this application is to meet a range of timing needs!



Network Clock Timers - Clock Mode
Synchronize time throughout your facility!

Count Up Timer Features

The simple count-up feature is useful when simple task timing is needed.  It begins timer functions at zero and continues a rolling count of the time passed.  This application allows you to select which displays on your network are utilized as timers and start/stop them simultaneously.


After you've downloaded the TM-Timer app, make sure your phone or tablet is using WiFi on the same network as the devices you want to control.  Press QUERY TIMERS to request the display listing and select which ones you want to run the timer app.  In this case, we are selecting the Room 102 and the Conference Room displays.

TM-Timer App Query
Select which devices you want to run in TM-Timer.


Go to the Menu in the top left corner of the app and select "Count Up Controls."  This will take you to the simple count-up menu screen.  At the bottom, there are two options for you the count-up timer is displayed.  MIN:SEC.tSec or HR:MIN:SEC.  Once your selection is made push RESET so the selected mode is sent to the device(s).  Press START to begin the count-up mode on the selected displays.

Count Up Timer Start

STEP 3: 

Press PAUSE when you are done timing.  To resume the count-up timer, press START again.  Timers can also be cleared by pressing RESET, or returned to clock mode by pressing SET TIME MODE.

Count Up Timer End

The count up timer was run simultaneously on the Room 102 and Conference Room displays, while the other three were still utilized as clocks.  The timer app was stopped after 5 minutes and 59.04 seconds.

For the count up feature, the 6 digit displays offers the best granularity of timing capabilities.  The 6 digit formats can display minutes through hundreths of seconds (using the MIN:SEC:tSec mode) or hours through seconds (using the HR:MIN:SEC mode).  For the four digit formats, the MIN:SEC:tSec mode displays only the minutes and seconds, while the HR:MIN:SEC mode displays the hours and minutes.

Count Down Timer Features

Programmable Interval Timer Features

Fitness and Gym Interval Timer Training

School Bells and Scheduled Timer Events