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Five Industries That Rely On Network Clocks

network clockNetwork clocks are an incredibly useful technology with many implications in a wide variety of professional fields. With keeping accurate time being so important in so many industries, there are plenty of businesses that make use of network time clocks. Here are just a few industries where network clocks are used to keep operations running smoothly.


  1. Television: When television networks rely so heavily on accurate timekeeping, it makes sense to use network clocks so that all programs air at the correct times. If all television networks relied on manually setting clocks, it could cause problems when attempting to broadcast.
  2. Finance: The financial sector relies on having data that’s as accurate as possible, especially because of the large sums of money being moved around. Network clocks and time servers ensure that all transactions are handled accurately and that no money gets lost due to bad bookkeeping.
  3. Medical: In an industry that is sometimes quite literally life or death, having accurate timekeepers and clock servers is essential. Accurate network clocks ensure people get medication and treatments exactly when they need them, and that nobody accidentally misses getting their care due to poor timekeeping.
  4. Education: With more and more classes being held online and managed digitally, network clocks are helping educators send out and receive assignments in a timely fashion. Online assignment submission systems use network clocks to ensure all homework, tests, and other assignments are handed in on time. While students may not be as big of a fan of this, educators and administrative officials in the education sector rely on this technology to run classes smoothly.
  5. Defense: Again, this is another industry where the information being delivered on time and accurately can be essential. Therefore, in this industry, many will opt to use GPS clocks. All 31 working satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) have built-in, highly accurate atomic clocks, meaning that GPS clocks are highly accurate consistently. By using network clocks and GPS time servers, the defense industry is able to operate smoothly and more safely.


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