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What Is a PoE Clock, and What Can It Do for You?

What Is a PoE Clock, and What Can It Do for You?

Clocks are integral in most buildings, whether they’re places of business, education, or public services. Sometimes, though, you may only have a few clocks in your facility because of technical complications. Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks can simplify matters for you so that every area in your building can have a precise synchronized time display. But what is a PoE clock, and what can it do for you? We answer these questions below.

Power over Ethernet Defined

To understand PoE clocks, you must first understand what PoE is. It’s actually not as confusing at it may seem at first. PoE technology simply allows a single cable to supply the electrical energy that allows a device to function as well as the network information the device is sending and receiving. It accomplishes this by intertwining data and power wires together within the same cable. This means a PoE clock doesn’t need a separate power cord and data cord; instead, it just needs one Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable and a PoE-enabled network connection that delivers the right amount of electrical power to allow the clock to work properly.

PoE Benefits

Easy Installation

Naturally, the fact that PoE clocks only use one cable instead of two makes them much easier to install. The initial activation of PoE clocks only involves plugging them into your network. You can then adjust their settings to fit your location and preferences via a graphical user interface, which you reach in a web browser. With this done, your PoE clocks will be fully operational and accurate. They’ll also regularly communicate over the network to maintain perfect synchronization without any work on your part.

Locational Flexibility

Because you don’t have to find power outlets for your PoE clocks, your sole consideration becomes where to place the Ethernet cables and how long those Ethernet cables must be. Consequently, you have greater freedom with regards to where you place your PoE clocks in your facility. If you ever need to rearrange your clocks, you won’t run into problems caused by the limited locations of outlets in your building, many of which may already serve other important functions.  Another great advantage of only having to run Ethernet cables, is that they are considered low voltage by the National Electric Code, so they don’t require the overhead of a licensed electrician to wire them up.

With this knowledge of what PoE clocks are and what they can do for you, you may want to use them in your facility. TimeMachines is a top provider of simple-to-use, reliable, and versatile PoE network clocks. Contact us today to improve your company’s work efficiency and communication through the synchronized times our PoE clocks display.

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