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PoE Digital Clocks: Using PoE for Network Time Display and Management

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Time is a crucial element for the success of any business. Demand for synchronized time continues to rise daily as more companies seek to keep their teams on a schedule. NTP clocks offer a robust solution through accurate and synchronized time displays. Users within the facilities have instant access to precise time that is legally acceptable. You can use different methods to synchronize the network clocks, including PoE and Wireless technology.

PoE Digital Clocks

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that enables the transfer of electric current via local area network cables. The current is used to power and operate the device connected to the network, rather than using power cables. PoE digital clocks deliver both power and time updates through wires connected to Ethernet.

The time displays synchronize to a single time source through a Network Time Protocol (NTP) system. The time is highly accurate, thus increasing efficiency and productivity within your facility. Most network clocks are easy to install and configure.

NTP Servers

PoE clocks usually synchronize with internal or external NTP time sources. The network clocks use NTP to receive highly accurate time from GPS time servers. The LED digital displays connect to an internal switchboard that links to the time servers. NTP then updates the time displayed regularly and automatically. It ensures that the time shown is accurate and consistent. The PoE digital clocks can also connect to an external internet-based server such as the NIST Internet Time Service.

PoE NTP Clock Configuration

Every network clock gets a unique IP address that identifies it within a network. A simple attachment of the Ethernet cable to the port powers up the digital display. Through the connection, the system can then connect the clock to an external or internal time server before displaying the time.

The IP address is crucial in configuring the NTP digital clock to your desired time settings. Typing in the IP address on a web browser opens an online user interface that enables you to make changes to the time settings. You can then sign in using the displayed UI.

Once logged in, you assign the digital clock to the desired time source. All the displays should be set at the same time source. This ensures synchronization of the displayed time. The configuration also allows you to set a second time source for reference and daylight savings. You can also choose your preferred display format, whether a 24-hour system or 12-hour system.

Moreover, a digital clock may allow customized digital displays. You can pass an important message through the display board to reach all your staff members. These configurations can be made on individual panels or on all synchronized time clocks. You can also connect the clock to an alarm bell or buzzer.

4 Key Benefits of Using a PoE Digital Clock

  • Easy Installations: All that you need is an Ethernet cable to connect to your local network. The simple installation procedure incorporates the use of an existing network line without a need for an AC power installation.
  • Highly Accurate Time: The NTP time source constantly relays precise time to the client digital clocks. The frequent time updates enable synchronization of all clocks connected to the network within your facility. PoE digital clocks can achieve an accuracy within milliseconds of atomic time.
  • Automatic Updates: The network connection enables constant and automated time updates to your display boards. The clocks readjust to the correct time even after a power outage. The customization of the PoE clocks enables automated daylight savings settings.
  • Synchronized Time Displays: A synchronized clock system ensure that all clocks will show the same time at any given moment. It allows everyone within the building to follow the same time source, eliminating confusion and disorder within the different departments.

In Conclusion

PoE digital clocks offer a tailor-made solution to synchronized time networks. The customization of the digital boards enables you to input your preferred setting and time source. The PoE NTP clocks will synchronize your business operations accurately and effectively.

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