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The Time of the Internet: What Is a PoE Network Clock?

poe network clocks

One of the key parts of any business that hires workers by the hour is keeping track of time. Knowing the exact time your employees clock in and out is important. In the United States alone, $7.4 billion is lost per day due to inaccurate timesheets.

While you might think the atomic clock is the best way to receive accurate time for your company, that would be a misstep for your business. The best way to ensure you’re getting the most accurate time possible is to invest in the ‘power of ethernet’ or PoE network clock.

What Is a PoE Network Clock?

A power over ethernet, or PoE, network clock uses an ethernet connection for power. This helps eliminate the use of batteries and cut down the number of outlets being used. They install easily, keep synchronized time, and will keep your company in order. There are also Wifi clocks that connect to your company’s wifi network and function the same way as PoE clocks do.

How Does a PoE Clock Work?

A PoE network clock uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to display your network’s time. NTP is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between data networks. Each clock has a unique IP address that can be used to create either an internal NTP or connect to an external NTP such as NIST. All PoE clocks should display the same so long as they are connected to the same NTP.

How Are PoE Clocks Set Up?

The set up for a PoE network clock is simple. You use an ethernet cable to connect PoE clocks to correctly enable Ethernet network connections. It may take a few moments but the clocks will synchronize and display the time. From there, you can use the IP address of the clock to access further configuration settings online. PoE clocks can be set up to the exact specifications you need for your company’s needs.

PoE network clocks are exceptional pieces of equipment. They can keep time down to the second and usually come with a whole host of other features, such displaying the date. They can also be dual-sided, showing the time on both sides, and will often come in a variety of colors as well. For more information on PoE clocks, contact TimeMachines today.

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