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Everything You Need to Know About Network Time Servers

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Humans have been keeping time for over 5,000 years. In ancient Egypt, time was kept by using obelisks as primitive sundials. Thousands of years later in the 14th century, the first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe. Keeping time is still as important as ever, especially in the business world. Network time servers are now used to help with more than just keeping time, but synchronizing it for multiple users. Here is all you need to know about network time servers.

What Is a Network Time Server?

A network time server is a server that reads the time from a specific clock and then distributes that same time to the other recipients connected with it. It’s like a teacher writing a sentence on the board and then having their students copy that same sentence. The time server is set from some higher level more accurate clock, such as GPS, or an atomic clock.

Network time servers are essential for business because it keeps all employees working on the same schedule and synchronized. Without synchronized time, employees at separate locations could have complications with meetings or communication. The best method for network time synchronization is through using a local GPS time server as the master clock. But with that comes a few decisions; to choose an NTP server or a PTP server.

NTP Servers

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol. NTP is one of the oldest internet protocols still commonly used today. An NTP server is directly connected to an accurate timekeeping source, like a GPS, to broadcast the same time to a network of devices. NTP servers can synchronize clocks with almost a millisecond of accuracy between the different devices on the network, which is great for businesses with employees working in different locations. If more accuracy is needed, a PTP server should be considered.

PTP Servers

PTP stands for Precision Time Protocol. PTP servers also use GPS satellites as it’s accurate timekeeping source. However, PTP servers use additional protocols and systems to broadcast the time to the given devices on a network that isn’t used with NTP servers. Because of the different software used, PTP servers can tell time with microsecond accuracy or better. If exact timekeeping is needed for your business, PTP servers are a necessity.

TimeMachine’s Clocks

TimeMachines can provide for all of your business’ time synchronization needs. They have a variety of network time clock options for both NTP and PTP servers and even accessories to go along with them. They are proud to offer wifi wall clocks, NTP clocks and more all entirely made in the USA. Their options are both inexpensive and reliable. Contact TimeMachines today to discuss with a specialist which time server option is the best for your business.

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