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From Digital Scoreboards to Pitch Clocks, Baseball Is Ever Evolving

digital scoreboardThe smallest unit of time is known as Planck time, which is the amount of time it takes for light to travel Planck’s length. This interval of time equates to about 3.3 times 10 to the negative 44 power of a second.

Though we don’t need to break down time that much in the majority of daily tasks, time is an essential part of life and an extremely important part of sports. In just about every sport, players have a certain amount of time to perform a task, a certain amount of time before a half, quarter, period, or game ends, and a certain amount of time before they have to take the field to resume play. When it comes to baseball, however, time isn’t as integral to the game as it is in other major sports — but scorekeeping is.

For decades, fans have attended baseball games at all levels and enjoyed keeping score of the game themselves. They’d have box scores and lineups, injury reports and depth charts. They’d keep track of not just every run, but every out, every hit, and even every pitch. Though a few fans can still be found across ballparks keeping score with their pens and paper, the majority of fans would much rather look up at the beautiful, innovative, and high-tech digital scoreboard.

These scoreboards allow even the most casual of baseball fans to stay on top of the action pitch by pitch and enjoy the game that much more. They can see batting averages being updated in real time, they can see how fast a pitch was thrown, and they can see just about every important statistic that the game of baseball offers.

The only thing digital scoreboards do not show at a baseball game is increments of time (aside from the overall time of day that has nothing to do with the actual on-field performance). However, that could soon change since Minor League Baseball and college baseball have already started implementing pitch clocks in order to improve the pace of play.

If you want to learn more about how digital scoreboards have helped improve the fan experience at baseball games, or check out some high-quality GPS clocks, POE digital clocks, or WiFi clocks, or any other kind of time server, give Time Machines a call right away.

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