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Improving a Stadium With WiFi and Digital Scoreboards

digital scoreboardTiming is important in virtually every aspect of life — including sports. Time is certainly essential for the players on the field, but it’s just as important for the fans sitting around the stadium.

There are all kinds of clocks used across the globe. For instance, all 31 working satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) have built-in, highly accurate atomic clocks. Stadiums and sporting complexes don’t necessarily need GPS clocks, but nowadays, WiFi, synchronized clocks, and digital scoreboards are extremely important.

Here are a few reasons why these innovative forms of technology are imperative for today’s sports:

Sporting complex and stadium WiFi

There might not have been high-speed Internet connection in Yankee Stadium back in the 1920s, but a lot has changed since then. A LOT. Nowadays, stadiums without WiFi feel almost prehistoric. Since fans are constantly sharing their experiences via social media, WiFi is a must-have in today’s sports.

Digital scoreboards

The old baseball scoreboard in the outfield is great and is still important, but 99% of fans at a ball game are going to look at the larger, more aesthetically-pleasing digital one. In football, scoreboards have become almost as larger as the field itself, and other sports are following suit as they shell out millions of dollars for high-quality and high-tech scoreboards. Not every fan is keeping score with a pencil and paper like the old days (again, think 1920s Yankees), so scoreboards are a must-have to optimize the fan experience.

Synchronized stadium and complex clocks

Sports are great for escaping the stresses of life, but they are temporary. Even if fans have set aside three hours of their day to enjoy a baseball, soccer, football, basketball, hockey, or any other game, their life is still going on outside of the stadium. Being able to follow along with the time without constantly looking at a phone and missing some action is extremely important. If a game goes into overtime, extra innings, or simply lasts much longer than it should, there are always going to be fans that need to get out of there at a specific time.

If you want to check out some high-quality digital scoreboards and WiFi digital clocks for your own sporting complex or learn more about time clock servers, contact Time Machines today!

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