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Utilizing Network Timeservers: 4 Essential FAQs


Humans have been keeping time for about 6,000 years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were the first to tell time by using obelisks as primitive sundials. Clearly, we’ve come a long way in terms of time-telling capabilities and it seems as though we aren’t even close to being done innovating.

Nowadays, companies are able to synchronize their time though network timeservers and ensure accuracy and workplace efficiency across the entire organization.

Here are some important questions that need to be answered if you’re planning on revamping the way your company utilizes timeservers:

  1. Why would an organization need a timeserver? — Even though computers are so technologically advanced and a major part of everyday life, they still struggle to provide synchronized and accurate time across larger networks. Since your organization needs efficient timekeeping programs and can only survive if everyone is on the same schedule, timeservers are a must have in today’s workforce.
  2. How do these machines work? — These servers act as precision clocks that can be accurately synchronized to an external time source. Innovative and intricate software and hardware is also included that can successfully transmit all that accurate time information to client computers across a large network (though GPS, NTP, or other processes).
  3. How many servers are needed for optimal use? — Typically, only one server per local area network (LAN) is required, but you could use multiple if you want to ensure accuracy. Keep in mind, however, that if your truly want to achieve the highest level of network security, accuracy, and reliability, you should locate your sever on the client side of the network’s firewall.
  4. How accurate are NTP clocks? — Network Time Protocol (NTP) is the most widely used system for time disruption and synchronization. These clocks are popular for a reason: because they work very well. Within a network, if you’re using a dedicated NTP clock, you should be able to have accurate timekeeping within o.4 to 2 milliseconds.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of these severs, or find high quality GPS clocks, NTP clocks, and WiFi digital clocks, contact Time Machines right away.

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