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How to Fix The Incorrect Time on Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

timeserversPeople have been keeping time for nearly 6,000 years. Ancient Egyptians were the first humans to tell time by using obelisks as primitive sundials and the first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century. Fortunately, we’ve made some significant timekeeping advancements since then.

The days of Americans wearing watches for strictly fashion might still be here, but people are primarily checking their phones for the time, rather than looking at their wrists. Cell phones are as common as just about any device in 2018 — and it’s essential that each phone in use is connected to accurate timeservers.

Both Androids and iPhones use these servers to keep track of both date and time. They can be standalone servers or work alongside a software component via another server to synchronize its time and date with a network tower. If a person’s cell phone’s clock is incorrect, that could lead to some serious real world issues.

If your time is off, you’ll end up arriving late to everything from meet ups with friends to potential job interviews and essential workplace meetings. Here is how to manually correct and set up you Android and iPhone’s time:

Android time setup
First, you need to access your Android phone’s settings app. Then head to your Date and Time section. Keep in mind, your phone’s settings could have varying versions depending on the manufacturer and the version of the phone. Your third step to correct your phone’s time manually is to disable the Automatic date and time program and the Automatic time zone. Then, once you’ve turned off those programs, you can set both your time zone and your specific time manually.

iPhone time setup
For your iPhone, you may need to download the new update on your phone before you adjust your date and time. So the first step for iPhone time synchronize is to download the latest version of iOS. Next, you should go to your Settings app, select General, Date and Time, and then turn on “Set Automatically.” This will synchronize your phone to available time-zone updates and will set the accurate and necessary time through timeservers.

If you want to learn more about adjusting your cell phone’s timeservers or find quality WiFi clocks, network clocks, and GPS clocks to use for your company’s time synchronization, contact Time Machines today.

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