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GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

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The TM1000A is a simple NTP GPS network time server. It is a cost-effective solution that makes Stratum 1 time synchronization possible across your network.

Included with EACH TM1000A purchase:

5V Power Supply, GPS Patch Antenna, Quick Set-up Guide

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The TimeMachines GPS NTP Network Time Server is a GPS-based NTP server device that supplies accurate time for all computers and time-keeping devices on your network. By placing a time server on the local network, (S)NTP time packets are provided without requiring systems to go to the Internet to get a Stratum 1 time synchronization. The TM1000A system uses an active GPS antenna to maintain the current time as broadcast by United States’ GPS satellites. With this device installed on your local network, there is no longer the worry that if the Internet connection goes down, time synchronization is lost across the network. The unit is compact and can be placed anywhere within the network layout, even using our new time server rack mounts. The built in high sensitivity GPS receiver is able to lock multiple satellites from within multiple buildings or from a window location, eliminating the requirement that an outdoor antenna be installed.

Setup and use of this time server is straightforward. Simply connect both the included power supply and the GPS antenna to the base unit and then connect the base unit to the local network. Go to a computer on the network and browse to the device at its default web address to enter the software setup within the control box. Set parameters to match your network and the system will start to send out time packets to any device on the system that asks for an update from it. When paired with our digital Power Over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, synchronized time is assured no matter the state of your network, or the state of the internet time server the clocks are pointed to. Accuracy is improved because the network delay of the internet is highly variable, while the local LAN connection is likely a sub-millisecond delay. TimeMachine GPS NTP server devices are suited for any application where coordination of events at multiple locations is required. Used by education, industrial facilities, military installations, public safety command rooms, government, broadcasting, and hospitals. Supports IPv4 and IPv6.

Every TM1000A kit comes with a 5V international power supply and a GPS patch antenna.


TM1000A Quick Setup Guide

TM1000A Manual

TM1000A Brochure

TimeMachines Time Server Accuracy Paper

Outdoor Antenna Products

TimeMachines Time Server Comparison
Source of Time ServedUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellites
Stratum LevelStratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)
NTP requests per second>350>750>750
NTP AuthenticationNOMD5/SHA1MD5/SHA1
Manual Time SettingNOYESYES
SNMP ManagementNOV2/V3V2/V3
Web-Based SetupYESYESYES
Network Interface Speed10/10010/100 + HW Time Stamp10/100 + HW Time Stamp
Time Protocols SupportedNTP (v1-v4)NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2
Internal Osciallator/Holdover Time SourceNOOCXO 20ppbOCXO 20ppb
Improved Holdover AccuracyN/AYESYES
Precision Time Protocol,
Unicast and Multicast
Linux Embedded OSNOYESYES
GPS Lock Requirement2D3D (optional 2D)3D (optional 2D)
Synchronized 10MHz SignalNONOYES

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Dimensions 7.75 × 6.625 × 3.625 in
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11 reviews for GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

  1. Jacob Stahl

    We have a security system that opens the doors to our business at specific times. This GPS clock is an excellent way to keep the system’s internal clock accurate without connecting it the internet. This product worked great right out of the box, and I didn’t have to sell a kidney to buy it!

  2. Nate Monie

    I have been looking for an affordable solution for time syncing our servers for some time now, and the TM1000A seems to fit the bill quite well. It locked onto GPS within 2 minutes of plugging in. I’m a happy camper!
    The only thing I would change is being able to factory reset the device without having to take the front plate off. I haven’t needed to do this yet, but having a reset button (like most every other device out there) is such a a simple thing to design into the product… well, nothing is perfect.

  3. Nate Smith

    This is a good entry-level NTP source. I have used ours for over 2 years and made some discoveries about the operation. It is not good as the only NTP source on your network, the reason is that if it loses satellites, or power and is just coming on line, it will give a very wrong date value. I had an APC UPS management card pointed to the device and when it went offline the UPS would report dates in 2032 or some such. (APC is part to blame here) This device is better used to discipline a computer clock that can keep decent time on it’s own. I also wish the GUI would give the time in UTC or whatever when it is refreshed. Even with these minor caveats the TM1000A is a good, inexpensive GPS NTP time source to keep times in sync with the rest of the world.

  4. Landon B.

    Very easy-to-use device that works great out of the box. I needed a Stratum 1 time server that syncs all computers on my network to within 1 ms, and the TM1000A fits the bill perfectly.

  5. Gilbert Y. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect solution for the small to mid sized business that requires an accurate time clock. Even large businesses could deploy a few of these and do well with them. The unit is easy to set up and start using. It has all the important features you can think of including external antenna jack and serial port. The price is right as well, and they have plenty of accessories available to complete a professional installation.

  6. Nick Hankes

    Industrial Control Systems often cannot be connected to the internet for security reasons, and this is a perfect solution for that problem. The product has worked flawlessly for us, and was simple to setup and configure. A great value for a Stratum 1 timeserver… You really ought to consider becoming market partners with the major control systems suppliers (Emerson, Honeywell, etc.).

  7. Harm ten Napel

    Apart from already being a stratum 1 NTP server out of the box, its serial NMEA and 1PPS output allows you to ‘discipline’ another computer clock with great accuracy.

  8. Heru DJulianto

    simple, cheap, and Great…….

  9. William E.

    Simple device that works as advertised. Easy installation about 10 min. So far seems compatible with all our devices that need time sync. Including Windows and Unix based operating systems.

  10. Frank K.

    I’ve been looking for a time source for my home / business network at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. This is it! Not only has it worked flawlessly for the past six months for my network which contains a number of networked hardware devices that need accurate time but with the use of port redirection and a dynamic DNS service, I’ve been able to provide a rock solid time source to several of my friend’s networks that I manage for them.

  11. Timothy R.

    This is great, I use it to improve telescope pointing accuracy over multiple night sessions. Had some technical questions and support couldn’t have been better. Very very happy.

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    IEEE 1588:2008 PTP Protocol, 802.1AS (gPTP), Telecom Profiles, G.8265.1, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, Automotive Profiles. Customers report testing against various media profiles such as SMPTE 2059-2. Please contact us with any questions about profile support.

    Included with EACH TM2000B purchase:

    12V Power Supply, GPS Patch Antenna, Quick Set-up Guide

    Available on backorder

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  • RG-58 Extension Cable, SMA (male) / SMA (female)

    RG-58 Extension Cable, SMA (male) / SMA (female)

    Use this cable to further extend the reach of the included GPS patch antenna from the TM1000A NTP time server, the TM2000B NTP + PTP time server, or the TM2500B NTP + PTP + 10MHz time server.

    – Gold-plated SMA connectors.
    – Shielded RG-58 cable.
    – Extension cable for GPS patch antenna included with TM1000 and TM2000 network time servers.
    – Indoor & outdoor use.
    – Approximate loss of 13 dB per 100 ft.

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