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TimeZone Displays

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  • Timezone DotMatrix Clock/Timers

    Timezone DotMatrix Clock/Timers

    The latest product from TimeMachines.  Our TimeZone clocks feature a second line of information that can be programmed to anything.  Supporting static text, scrolling text, and bar graphs for timer modes.  Colors can be set independently between the time display and the text.  These clocks can display a single time zone with any desired  text and they can be programmed, using TM-Manager, to switch between up to 5 time zones on programable intervals.  Each time zone has its own offset and daylight savings time settings, as well as independent text control.  The text display can also display day/date/year information in a variety of completely programmable formats.  Programmable timer modes can now support text updates during the timer running, or display bargraphs to give a quick visual reference for how much time is left.  The TimeZone clocks also support the TimeMachines UDP/IP based API for displaying text information independent of the clocks control.   Keep checking back for more information on these exciting new products!

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