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NTP Wall Clocks

Do you need a cost-effective way to synchronize your clocks?  TimeMachines NTP wall clocks can be added to your local network and provide you a simple, cost-effective way to keep everyone on the same time.  If you have other needs for messaging displays or network time servers to synchonize an entire network, TimeMachines is a one-stop shop for all of your synchronized time needs.  TimeMachines products are developed and manufactured in the USA.  We offer easy and reliable time synchronization solutions for a wide variety of customers including manufacturing facilities, broadcast studios, public safety and government agencies, universities and schools, military and research facilities, libraries and gyms, healthcare facilities, theaters and more!  

How does an NTP wall clock synchronize time?

TimeMachines NTP wall clocks use Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to get time. The clock controllers for both our POE and WiFi network clocks send a packet of data through the network (IPv4 or IPv6) to the pre-configured time source to request time. The time source responds to this request with another IP packet that contains a time stamp. That time stamp is translated and displayed on the TimeMachines NTP clocks. In the set up of these clocks within any network, you specify the primary time source, a secondary time source, and the frequency of requests for time synchronization for the clocks. When the NTP wall clocks are configured identically, they will remain synchronized throughout your network. If time sources are local, these NTP wall clocks can provide millisecond accuracy to your time source.

How do NTP clocks get time?
How do NTP clocks get time?

What is the time source for NTP wall clocks?

You may need nothing further on your network to use the TimeMachines NTP wall clocks.  Primary and secondary time sources can be an existing router or computer on the LAN that has time serving capabilities.  Some network configurations already have a local network time server which can serve time to the NTP wall clocks simply by adding their IP address to the correct fields during configuration.  Internet time servers from NIST or can be used to serve time to your NTP wall clocks, but these will require Internet activity at all times for time to be displayed.  If none of these are suitable options, TimeMachines also offers GPS time servers that provide an accurate, reliable time source to the NTP wall clocks and your entire network.  This provides you the security of keeping everything within your local network, and provides the accuracy of a Stratum one time source.

Time Source Devices for NTP Clocks

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