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Transform the look and efficiency of your business with high quality NTP clocks.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol used to synchronize clocks between computer systems over various packet-switched variable-latency data networks.

NTP synchronized clocks are essential for business in the 21st century, but not everyone understands exactly how they work -- and why should they? That's where TimeMachines comes in. At TimeMachines, our focus is on quality, integrity, price, and solving any of your WiFi and NTP network time service issues.

Why NTP?

If your business is in need of secure and accurate time keeping down to the millisecond, NTP clocks, along with NTP/PTP Time Servers, are your best option.

  • NTP wall clocks utilize NTP/PTP Time Servers, offering a Stratum 1 time source on local networks, which means an internet connection is unnecessary in order to effectively synchronize.
  • Time Servers utilize GPS satellites that provide stable, secure, and accurate time.
  • By using these NTP Time Servers in your office, you will achieve a command center aesthetic, subsequently improving the overall appearance of your entire building.

Why Time Machines?

TimeMachines products are excellent for all kinds of industries and municipalities, including libraries, police and military usage, universities, manufacturing, schools, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and most corporations.

All of our products have been professionally developed and manufactured in North America and we want to ensure that you're getting quality NTP clocks whenever you contact us. So give us a call today and consider placing an order if you like what you see. You can get either two or three year extended warranties on whatever products you decide to purchase, so don't feel too nervous about making this technological leap -- you're in excellent hands.