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Reasons Why You Need an NTP Server

Reasons Why You Need an NTP Server

When it comes to keeping track of time, a substantial number of people rely on the internet or the internal clocks that exist in the devices that they use each day. This is alright for a casual setting like your home, but in a professional or public building, it is better to have the exact, accurate time displayed without inconsistencies on all devices. These environments usually have numerous computers and clocks spread about that the people within may depend on for meetings, appointments, and other activities where timeliness is pivotal. An NTP server that is linked to GPS can ensure that nothing goes awry due to time display issues, as it brings together your whole network under accurate time. Discover the specific reasons why you need an NTP server in your building in this post.

To Achieve Time Accuracy

At a basic level, obtaining an NTP server for better accuracy is rather self-evident. It matches all your device’s times and keeps them spot-on. However, you can understand this point’s significance better by diving into more detail about it. Consider the internet-based time that is so common. Devices must communicate with public time servers to receive the correct time, but this unavoidably involves a delay, as information is sent and received. The slight lag may seem minute, but it can be enough to throw off your building’s time. Using internal clocks is even more difficult, since each device may count seconds faster or slower than the next, so much so that they end up diverging greatly.

To Improve Network Security

Using internet servers is suboptimal in that they can create security issues for your network as well. Therefore, a reason why you may need an NTP server is to bolster your building’s virtual safety. The act of interacting with public servers means that your computers and other devices must open a channel between themselves and the servers. This communication leaves traces that malicious individuals may use to exploit security issues in your network. An internally located NTP server eliminates the need to use the internet as a time source, and removes the reliance on the internet connection for time information.

In a broader sense, when you experience breaches that may or may not originate from public server communications pathways, it can also become more difficult to figure out where the problem started when the times shown by your network logs are all over the place. An NTP server will ensure that those logs are trustworthy, so you can diagnose issues correctly.

To Follow Government Guidelines

In many instances, the law may set down requirements for you to have accurate time synchronization. Public companies, financial organizations, and businesses that deal with perishable products, such as pharmaceuticals, must all have precise time stamping capabilities. These are put in place to prevent criminal activity within organizations or from outside parties, as well as to protect the people who are on the receiving end of the goods or services that those organizations provide. You’ll also be certain of your compliance with government guidelines by using an NTP server.

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