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Four Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Using Network Clock Servers

No matter what line of work you’re in, you’ve likely heard all kinds of clichés about how time management is important and how time is money. The fact of the matter is that in many ways, time has always been important—humans have been keeping track of time for 5,000 to 6,000 years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

These days, keeping track of time and keeping accurate time has never been more important for the way companies do business. As a result, many companies use Network Time Protocol (NTP), which is still in use despite being one of the oldest Internet protocols.

For companies who rely on accurate time, being close is never good enough and that’s why time clock servers are important.

A time clock server allows companies to be accurate because it keeps them secure and it’s very reliable and manageable. With a time clock server, a company’s IT infrastructure can accurately sync electronic equipment and also keep an accurate electronic log of when events occur. Why do company’s need accurate time clock servers? There are four big benefits to having them:

  • Reliable time
  • Accurate time
  • Manageability
  • Security


A time clock server, which is deployed locally, will use multiple sources to give a company the most accurate time possible to all clients within a particular network.


One of the biggest benefits of a time clock server is that it eliminates the inaccuracy (or potential for inaccuracy) of Internet-distributed time. The truth is that time distributed via the Internet usually starts with accurate time, but due to variations and delays, time often becomes inaccurate and is difficult to trace time back to an original source. Fortunately, NTP is amazingly accurate—usually to within a millisecond.


For any company that’s skeptical of NTP, it doesn’t take a lot of work. Time clock servers can be installed easily and are easy to operate and have plenty of interfaces and chances to back up important information.


To secure all of your company’s operations, time clock servers are essential. Today’s servers have plenty of control features (such as key pad lockout) as well as good practices for deployment of security measures (such as client authentication).

Bottom line: the whole point of keeping accurate time within a company network is to make sure certain events happen on time and also to verify that they happened. That paper trail (or audit trail in this case) gives assurance that your company is getting work done on time and it can be stored on one dedicated server.

Whether you’re using time network clocks for your company’s network or even using Power over Ethernet (PoE clocks) for office use, there’s no doubt that keeping track of time is important. By using up-to-date servers, companies can keep better track of time, up their network security and keep better track of their audit trail.

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