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Is Daylight Savings Time Good Or Bad For Businesses?

network time clockRemembering to change your clocks twice yearly can be a pain for anyone, especially for businesses who rely on accurate timekeeping to maintain their operations. Originally, daylight savings time was created to help increase productivity and efficiency for businesses and factories. But does it still achieve this goal, or is it actually harming businesses today?


Not The First Of Its Kind


While almost everyone today has some sort of familiarity with daylight savings time, not everyone knows about the various other attempts throughout history to alter timekeeping and calendars. The United States is not the first to implement unusual timekeeping; the Soviet Union tried (but failed) to enforce five and six day weeks between 1929 and 1931. After the French Revolution, revolutionaries tried to institute a “more logical” ten-hour clock. People have been manipulating time for centuries, but nearly all attempts have failed, with daylight savings time being one of the longest surviving forms.


Helpful Or Harmful?


While daylight savings may have had practical applications when it was first created, it might actually do very little to help businesses in the modern world. For companies that rely on accurate timekeeping, daylight savings can cause all sorts of problems. While a network time clocks can help by making sure only one clock needs to be switched over, companies not using network time servers have to readjust their clocks manually. Any errors in adjusting a company’s clocks could result in lost revenue for the company due to improperly filled time sheets, technical errors, and more.


Modern work environments simply don’t benefit in the same ways from daylight savings time, and often the switch is more hassle than any benefits it could theoretically provide. While daylight savings may have been helpful when it was first invented to improve efficiency in factories, it seems that it may be time for this practice to clock out.


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