NTP vs. PTP: What’s The Difference?

ptp server

In order for servers to operate efficiently and effectively for your business, proper time synchronization is a must. All components of the network should operate on the same time to avoid complications for your business. While theoretically, you could synchronize your computers by using a public internet clock, the most secure method for network synchronization is through the use of a local network time server as your master network clock. However, you will have a choice to make in selecting a network time server: do you use an NTP time server or a PTP time server? Here are the basic differences between NTP and PTP time servers so that you can make the best choice for your business.


NTP Servers


Network Time Protocol, or NTP, is one of the oldest Internet protocols still in use today, having been used since before 1985. This particular method relies on connecting computers to a single NTP server, which then connects directly to a single, highly accurate timekeeping source, such as an atomic clock or a GPS clock. NTP servers can synchronize clocks and other devices to the millisecond, which is more than accurate enough for most commercial and industrial needs. Typically, NTP servers are simpler and will suit most businesses, but if you need even more advanced synchronization, PTP servers might be the best bet.


PTP Servers


Precision Time Protocol, or PTP, was originally defined and standardized by the IEEE in 2002. Whereas NTP servers can synchronize devices to the millisecond, PTP servers can synchronize devices down to the micro-second and sometimes better. By using incredibly specialized and specific hardware rather than exclusively software, PTP networks are able to account for latency, making synchronization even more accurate. If you need the highest possible degree of accuracy in your timekeeping, PTP servers will likely work best for you.

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