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4 Time Synchronization Devices That Have Helped All Kinds of Industries

clock serverTime synchronization is an essential part of life. Not just professional life, but personal and recreational activities require accurate time synchronization as well.

There are plenty of devices that have emerged over the last few years that have revolutionized the way time is handled, addressed, and even thought of. Here are some of the most innovative time synchronize devices that have emerged over the last few decades:

  • WiFi Digital Clocks — WiFi clocks are essential for a business in order to make sure each and every employee can operate on the same timeframe. WiFi can synchronize time across your entire organizational network, displaying the same exact time throughout the workday, workweek, and year.
  • Interval Timers — Interval up and down timers are great for accurate timekeeping. If you’re in an industry that requires accurate timekeeping or are working in athletics, these devices with built-in count-up and count-down features are terrific. Each mode has the option to display hours, minutes, seconds, as well even tenths of seconds. Count-up is the standard mode and has the ability to start at zero and count up; count-down mode has a few other options, including an alarm buzzer.
  • PoE Digital Clock Servers — Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks can deliver both power and accurate time updates throughout a single cable that’s connected to the Network’s Ethernet. You’ll need an accurate clock that can display the precise time and by using an Ethernet cable, you can easily manipulate and control all of the other clock servers you have across your network.
  • Digital Scorekeepers — High-quality digital scorekeepers are great for all kinds of sporting events including basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, and even Taekwondo tournaments. The ability to keep an accurate score throughout an event might seem like an easy task, but so many products on the market don’t achieve quality results. Using Time Machines’ scorekeeping products, however, will help you keep score during any competition or sporting event and only weigh around five pounds, making portable scorekeeping a breeze.

If you want to learn more about how network clock servers can improve various aspects of your professional and personal life, as well as check out WiFi digital clock prices and GPS clock prices, contact Time Machines right away.

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