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GPS NTP Time Servers and the Benefits of Global Time Synchronization

gps ntp time server

A GPS NTP time server is a network appliance designed to access incredibly accurate time from the global positioning satellite system and synchronize a network of people or clients onto the same time frame. These devices ensure that accurate time is provided to all servers, offices, workstations, and remote routers and switches as part of a network infrastructure.

Without accurate and synchronized time benefits, business around the world would be in disarray. Employees would miss meetings, clients would be getting random calls throughout the day or night, and it would be nearly impossible to be as productive or efficient as a company could otherwise be.

Thankfully, the GPS satellite system is so innovative and usable, both small-town businesses and major corporations are able to take advantage of GPS’ positioning, navigation, and timing benefits. There are currently 31 working satellites that are part of the Global Positioning System and they all have built-in, highly accurate atomic clocks.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) works alongside GPS to provide an even more accurate time synchronization for network servers. Additionally, NTP is one of the oldest Internet protocols still in use today and has been in operation since the early 1980s.

So can other forms of digital time synchronization work? Though there are other forms of technology that can provide improved accuracy and time synchronization, these alternative options are far less efficient than GPS NTP time server. Even standard PC’s real-time clocks can drift over time because they operate based on a crystal oscillator. Even if two computer networks have slightly differing system times, this can lead to major organizational problems.

The importance of synchronizing clocks throughout a global network cannot be understated. As technology rapidly improves and businesses continue to expand throughout the globe, more and more companies need to fully embrace some of these innovative time synchronization processes.

If you want to learn more about how GPS NTP time servers can help improve your company’s efficiency and productivity, or find WiFi digital clocks, give Time Machines a call today.

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