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Essential Synchronization: Why Your Company Should Be Using A GPS Time Server

gps network time server
A GPS network time server is considered a simple way to ensure your company’s network is synchronized to a precise time. These time servers are incredibly accurate and provide a secure way for your company’s computer network to synchronize to what’s known as UTC or Coordinated Universal Time.

Unfortunately, many businesses are unable to see the value of a GPS network time server. An online source of synchronization is actually a great way to ensure your business is not only accurate in its timestamps, but also a reliable source of information.

Here’s why your company may want to consider using a GPS network time server rather than relying on each employee’s wrist watch or desktop computer clock.

The importance of company synchronization

In the corporate world, time is everything. Unfortunately, it’s also relative. Human beings have a bad habit of messing with time, and these experiments rarely work out well in the long run. During the French Revolution, anti-monarchist French revolutionaries actually attempted to institute a 10-hour clock. And between 1929 and 1931, the Soviet Union attempted to enforce a five and six-day week. The attempt, of course, failed.

In the Information Age, you can’t operate a company efficiently if each employee and piece of software is running on its own individual time. Consider the following reasons why a GPS time server may improve your company’s operations:

  • Improved reliability. Unlike average wall clocks and time software, a GPS time server is always available and always accurate. Once the server is installed, it will be locked onto the time signal and capable of working throughout the year, every hour of every day. With a time server, you can feel confident knowing the time on each company computer is accurate within milliseconds.
  • Improved accuracy. Your company’s time server, once installed, communicates directly with an atomic clock. When an online time server is forced to be an intermediary, the accuracy of the time is poor in comparison to a server that is directly connected to an atomic clock onboard satellites.
  • Improved security. Online network servers can be manipulated by malware because they need a port to be open to receive a signal. However, with a GPS network server, hackers are unable to access your company data because a port doesn’t need to be open.

A GPS network time machine can work wonders for your company. You can feel secure in your company’s security, availability, and accuracy knowing your business is running on the same, synchronized time with a GPS digital clock.

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