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“L” Economy Mast Mount


“L” Economy stainless steel mast mount for 760-906-000 GPS timing antennas.
Clamps in picture are NOT included, but can be purchased at your local hardware store.

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in
HS Code


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  • Outdoor Timing Antenna


    Outdoor Timing Antenna


    Link to: Outdoor Antenna Products Overview for GPS NTP Time Server

    The TW3142 is a high-gain GPS antenna specifically designed for applications in environments where high levels of nearout-of-band interfering signals can be expected. This antenna features a 40dB LNA gain to handle long cable runs.

    The TW3142 covers the GPS L1 and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS) frequency band and employs Tallysman’s unique Accutenna™ technology to provide excellent cross polarization rejection and greatly enhanced multipath rejection.  The TW3142 features a three (3) stage dual filtered LNA plus an additional SAW pre-filter to provide exceptional rejection of close out-of-band signals and additional protection against saturation by high level sub-harmonic and L-Band signals.

    The TW3142 housing has a permanent mount, IP67 compliant metal base, and an extended temperature range plastic radome, and is specifically designed to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.  Two options for pole mounting are available an L-bracket (SKU#760-907-000) or a pipe mount (SKU#760-908-000).  Mount is not included with the antenna.

    – Dimensions: 2.6″ Base Diameter x 2.0″ Base to Top x 1.2″ Connector Extension
    – Connector: N, female (one – bottom fed).
    – Works with TimeMachines TM1000A, TM2000B, and the TM2500C
    – Outdoor Use

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  • 2 Way GPS Splitter


    2 Way GPS Splitter


    The TimeMachines GPS 2 Way Splitter allows using one antenna with two GPS Time Servers such as the TM1000/2000/2500. This passive device connects antenna amplifier power through one of the output ports to the antenna using the power provided by the time server. The second port is DC blocked. No changes in setup of the TimeMachines Time Servers are required to use this device. Compatible with other vendors GPS based time server products, see documentation for more information. Works great with the puck antennas provided with our time servers as well as our conical 40dB outdoor antenna. If there are multiple time servers co-located, this product can save running multiple antenna cables.

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