WiFi Digital Wall Clock

wifi clockHere at TimeMachines, it’s our responsibility to provide you with high quality timekeeping products. From PTP servers to PoE clocks — you’ll get some of the best products around to improve your company and how it manages its time.

One of the most popular products we can provide to you and your business is our high-quality WiFi digital wall clocks.

Why WiFi Digital Wall Clocks?

It might seem simple enough, but far too many businesses neglect selecting WiFi digital wall clocks and choose analog style instead. For a smaller business with few employees, a single traditional clock may work out fine. But if your business is growing and you want to ensure 100% accuracy and efficiency, you need to have a synchronized timekeeping system. That’s where WiFi digital clocks come in.

Here are some of the benefits of using WiFi digital wall clocks for your business:

  • Easy installation — In order to synchronize our TimeMachines WiFi clocks, you simply mount them on the wall, provide low voltage wiring, and configure them to your specific network. With other clocks, complicated electrical wiring and Ethernet cables need to be installed to ensure time synchronization.
  • Affordability — Another benefit of using our TimeMachine products is that you won’t have to sacrifice quality to avoid breaking the bank. Our products are cost benefit leaders in the industry.
  • Not having to worry about Daylight Savings Time — Unless you’re constantly paying attention to your network’s time systems, you are going to need WiFi digital clocks that automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time.
  • Timing, Calendar, and Alarm Functions — Need a count down or count up timer, our clocks include these features.  All of our clocks and displays include the ability to display the date as well as the time and support timed alarms if needed.
  • Network time synchronization — The importance of having everyone in your company as well as everyone who deals with your business around the globe operate on the same network can’t be understated.

If you want to learn more about our WiFi digital wall clocks or any other timekeeping product, contact us today at (402) 486-0511.