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Time Clock Server

TimeMachines offers high quality, high precision time clock servers for your business to stay up to date.

TimeMachines is here to ensure that you are always running on time. To that end, our goal is to provide the highest quality time clock servers at the fairest prices. Integrity is one of our core values, which is why we stop at nothing to make sure your organization’s timekeeping needs are being met. Because of our commitment to quality, our customer base is rapidly growing, but that does NOT mean we have stopped innovating. Our GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server represents our latest step forward in offering cutting edge capabilities at a breakthrough price point.

We will do everything in our power to provide excellent service and equip you and your businesses with great NTP and PTP Network Time Servers, WiFi clocks, and additional synchronized accessories.

About Our Clock Servers

In the digital age, you can’t afford to be out of sync, even for a second. That’s why we offer a wide variety of clock servers to keep your business running with the utmost precision. We offer servers that support both Precision Time Protocol and Network Time Protocol, not to mention a variety of modern display clocks that can be connected to your local time source. Our NTP and PTP time clock servers can supply accurate time for all computers and timekeeping devices on your company’s network. Thanks to GPS technology, highly accurate and synchronized time can be tracked across the globe.

TimeMachines products such as the GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A) support both NTP and PTP, using an active GPS antenna to receive from U.S. GPS satellites orbiting the planet. Even if the GPS connection goes down, a built-in reference clock keeps you from losing time. This discrete and modern time server can be placed almost anywhere, making it the ideal solution for your synchronized timekeeping needs. For organizations using Network Time Protocol, the affordably priced GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A) offers excellent time synchronization. These products are so reliable that they are already being  used at military installations, first responder command rooms, government organizations, broadcasting facilities, and hospitals.

In addition to our base warranty, you can also purchase extended warranties for either two or three years on whatever products you decide to purchase (international products notwithstanding).

From time server clocks to WiFi clocks and time server accessories, you can count on TimeMachines. All of TimeMachines’ high tech products have been designed, developed, and manufactured in North America, and it’s our goal to ensure that you and your business receives high quality assistance whenever you contact us. Whether it’s NTP clock servers or WiFi clocks, we want to be sure that the products you’re using are improving efficiencies. So, if you’re ready to make this great technological leap and find out more about our quality time clock servers, give us a call today.