• From jpwage79 on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    I like my office to look like a command center. This clock is a great touch to that affect I have it in a position where I can read it from one side of the house to the other down a 60ft hallway. Set it up in my window once just to see how far away the digits could be read… I’d say I got about 100yds away, but I have 20/15 vision too.

  • From C Smith on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    Easy to configure and works great!
    The only real complaint I have is I would like to see smaller seconds indicators as compared to the hour and minute LED’s.
    Overall, great clock. Would recommend.

  • From Heru DJulianto on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    simple, cheap, and Great…….

  • From Harm ten Napel on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    Apart from already being a stratum 1 NTP server out of the box, its serial NMEA and 1PPS output allows you to ‘discipline’ another computer clock with great accuracy.

  • From Nick Hankes on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    Industrial Control Systems often cannot be connected to the internet for security reasons, and this is a perfect solution for that problem. The product has worked flawlessly for us, and was simple to setup and configure. A great value for a Stratum 1 timeserver… You really ought to consider becoming market partners with the major control systems suppliers (Emerson, Honeywell, etc.).

  • From Kaleb Gilliland on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    I have had this clock up and running for about one month now at our business. Setup was simple and straightforward. Mounting the clock is simple as well. Make sure you use a tape measure and level. The clock LED’s are bright and easy to read. Ours is mounted fairly high up on a wall in a gym. No problems seeing it. The time is correct as I have verified it a few times against our NTP. Overall, a simple straightforward solution for a clock you can setup once and not have to worry about. Ended up purchasing another one in a smaller size for our cafeteria. I was able to hide the antennae in the input cutout behind the clock to give it a more sleek appearance.

  • From Adam Maciejewski on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    Purchased this for a busy cafeteria. It’s very easy to read and was extremely easy to set up. Great product.

  • From Gilbert Y. on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    This is the perfect solution for the small to mid sized business that requires an accurate time clock. Even large businesses could deploy a few of these and do well with them. The unit is easy to set up and start using. It has all the important features you can think of including external antenna jack and serial port. The price is right as well, and they have plenty of accessories available to complete a professional installation.

  • From Landon B. on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    Very easy-to-use device that works great out of the box. I needed a Stratum 1 time server that syncs all computers on my network to within 1 ms, and the TM1000A fits the bill perfectly.

  • From John Bordelon on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    Perfect size. POE works flawlessly along with time accuracy.