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  • From Nate Smith on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    This is a good entry-level NTP source. I have used ours for over 2 years and made some discoveries about the operation. It is not good as the only NTP source on your network, the reason is that if it loses satellites, or power and is just coming on line, it will give a very wrong date value. I had an APC UPS management card pointed to the device and when it went offline the UPS would report dates in 2032 or some such. (APC is part to blame here) This device is better used to discipline a computer clock that can keep decent time on it’s own. I also wish the GUI would give the time in UTC or whatever when it is refreshed. Even with these minor caveats the TM1000A is a good, inexpensive GPS NTP time source to keep times in sync with the rest of the world.
  • From Nate Monie on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    I have been looking for an affordable solution for time syncing our servers for some time now, and the TM1000A seems to fit the bill quite well. It locked onto GPS within 2 minutes of plugging in. I’m a happy camper!
    The only thing I would change is being able to factory reset the device without having to take the front plate off. I haven’t needed to do this yet, but having a reset button (like most every other device out there) is such a a simple thing to design into the product… well, nothing is perfect.

  • From Kelly Beale on GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A)

    We have two of these devices. One of them works great but it is outside a co-location facility so we have a clear view of the sky.
    The on in the co-location facility we continue to struggle getting a signal. Placed an antenna on the roof and still cannot get it to work.

  • From Robert Dodson on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    This is a solidly build and good looking digital clock that is easy to use and works as advertised. Just plug it in and you have perfect time. For more adjustments it does have a web interface. I am thinking now about getting one in white letters with seconds for my office.

  • From Justin Town on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    Great clocks. Strongly recommend these to anyone. Great quality and crystal clear to read from a distance.

  • From Jacob Stahl on GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)

    We have a security system that opens the doors to our business at specific times. This GPS clock is an excellent way to keep the system’s internal clock accurate without connecting it the internet. This product worked great right out of the box, and I didn’t have to sell a kidney to buy it!

  • From Frank Kiernan on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    I really like this clock. I really do. Hopefully I have better luck with this one than I had with the previous one (see review above). After a little less than two and a half years the first one went stone dead. But for the price there is just nothing comparable. I hope I have better luck with this one!

  • From Douglas Ehlers on GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A)

    The product has evolved quite a bit over its lifetime. The requirements for lock have increased since the early versions of the product software. The original versions required only a quick 2D lock, but as more stringent requirements for timing accuracy evolved, a 3D lock was required. This does require a solid GPS signal. We have many customers that operate these devices with an indoor antenna in a window with no issues (south facing is recommended), and know of no case where an outdoor antenna didn’t provide excellent signal to the device. The indoor antenna will initially take 1-3 hours for 3D lock, sometimes longer, where as an outdoor antenna with its stronger signal and broader view of the sky can be as fast as 5 minutes. Additional reviews can be found on Amazon.com for this product.

  • From Robert Meany on GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A)

    Does the job, but does not appear to have any SNMP or alerting capabilities which would be helpful for troubleshooting with our network monitoring solution.

    • From Douglas Ehlers on GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A)

      We appreciate the feedback. We will continue to evolve the product over time, and this type of feedback is very helpful.

  • From doug on NTP PoE and WiFi Displays

    I bought the POE NTP clock a few months back for use in a TV control room, and it’s perfect! The web interface is easy to use to adjust the brightness to the perfect level. Shortly after, I moved the clock into a new control room, but upon powering it back up, the clock did not work properly. I left an after hours voicemail, and was greeted with an early morning email including return/repair instructions. Upon receipt, it was 100% warranty covered, fixed, and I had a tracking number for its return in less than one day! Communication was great too! I couldn’t be more pleased! You get what you pay for, and in this case, you get excellence.