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GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A)

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***The TM2000A is no longer available.***

The new model in this series, the TM2000B, is now available. Please see the TM2000B product page for additional information.

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The TimeMachines TM2000A GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server represents a major step forward in capabilities at a breakthrough price point. It will supply accurate time for all computers and time keeping devices on the network. Supporting both precision time protocol (PTP) and network time protocol (NTP), a Stratum 1 time source can now be available on the local network with no need for an internet connection. SNMP V2/V3 is supported on the device, authenticated NTP, Peer NTP lookup, and Manual time setting modes. The TM2000A NTP and PTP time server uses an active GPS antenna to maintain the current time as broadcasted by United States GPS satellites planet-wide.

In addition, a high stability OCXO reference clock is included that allows the unit to serve time if GPS lock is lost for periods of time. This NTP and PTP time server is small and can be placed anywhere within the network layout. The built in high sensitivity GPS receiver is able to lock multiple satellites from within many buildings or from a window location, often removing the requirement that outdoor antennas be installed in every application. Outdoor antennas are available from TimeMachines including custom length cables and accessories.

Every TM2000A kit comes with a 12V international power supply and a GPS patch antenna.


TM2000A Quick Setup Guide

TM2000A Manual

TM2000A Brochure

TimeMachines Time Server Accuracy Paper

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TimeMachines Time Server Comparison
Source of Time ServedUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellitesUS GPS satellites
Stratum LevelStratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)Stratum 1 (GPS)
NTP requests per second>350>750>750>750
NTP AuthenticationNOMD5/SHA1MD5/SHA1MD5/SHA1
Manual Time SettingNOYESYESYES
SNMP ManagementNOV2/V3V2/V3V2/V3
Network Interface Speed10/10010/100 + HW Time Stamp10/100 + HW Time Stamp10/100 + HW Time Stamp
Time Protocols SupportedNTP (v1-v4)NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2NTP (v1-v4)/PTP v2
Internal Osciallator/Holdover Time SourceNOOCXO 20ppbOCXO 20ppbOCXO 20ppb
Improved Holdover AccuracyN/ANOYESYES
Precision Time Protocol,
Unicast and Multicast
GPS Lock Requirement2D3D (optional 2D)3D (optional 2D)3D (optional 2D)
1 PPS OUTPUTYESNONOYES (if 10 MHz output is not used)
10 MHz OUTPUTNONONOYES (if 1 PPS output is not used)
Verizon eFemto CompatibleNONONONO

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

3 reviews for GPS NTP+PTP Network Time Server (TM2000A)

  1. Robert Meany

    Does the job, but does not appear to have any SNMP or alerting capabilities which would be helpful for troubleshooting with our network monitoring solution.

    • Douglas Ehlers

      We appreciate the feedback. We will continue to evolve the product over time, and this type of feedback is very helpful.

  2. Douglas Ehlers

    The product has evolved quite a bit over its lifetime. The requirements for lock have increased since the early versions of the product software. The original versions required only a quick 2D lock, but as more stringent requirements for timing accuracy evolved, a 3D lock was required. This does require a solid GPS signal. We have many customers that operate these devices with an indoor antenna in a window with no issues (south facing is recommended), and know of no case where an outdoor antenna didn’t provide excellent signal to the device. The indoor antenna will initially take 1-3 hours for 3D lock, sometimes longer, where as an outdoor antenna with its stronger signal and broader view of the sky can be as fast as 5 minutes. Additional reviews can be found on Amazon.com for this product.

  3. Kelly Beale

    We have two of these devices. One of them works great but it is outside a co-location facility so we have a clear view of the sky.
    The on in the co-location facility we continue to struggle getting a signal. Placed an antenna on the roof and still cannot get it to work.

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