Network Wall Clocks

What time is it really?  With so many devices on the network that show time, why aren't they all showing the same time?  The advantage of TimeMachines Network Time Clocks is the simplicity and control that they provide to display synchronized time throughout your facility.  Once these NTP clocks are connected to your network, you configure both a primary and a secondary time source within or outside of your network, as well as the synchronization frequency.  This is what defines the parameters for your network time clocks - where they get the time, and how often they synchronize that time.  Regardless of how many of the network time clocks are on your network, if they are configured identically, the time displayed will be completely synchronized!

Synchronized Network Clocks

Both POE and WiFi network time clocks are available at TimeMachines.  Configuration of both are straightforward and simple.  Once the device is plugged into the network, it is assigned a "location" or IP address.  By pressing a button on the clock, the IP address of the device will scroll across the display.  Simply use a web browser like Chrome or Firefox to log in to that IP address and begin the set up.  Still need more information?  Take a look at the links below to get familiar with our products and how they work.  All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA!