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5 Ways Companies Benefit From The Use Of Wi-Fi Clocks

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You don’t have to think too hard to come up with a common phrase or two that you’ve probably heard about time.

Time is money.

You’re on time if you’re early. You’re late if you’re on time.

Time waits for no one.

If you’ve heard these and similar sentiments in an office setting, it’s likely for a good reason. With business moving faster and faster these days, companies want to do all they can to be efficient and timely.

One simple way for businesses to meet that goal is through the use of Wi-Fi clocks. Companies have been using internet connections and network  time protocol (NTP) to synchronize network time for years, whether through network wall clocks, WiFi wall clocks or Power over Ethernet or PoE clocks.

Using these network wall clocks is a reliable and affordable way to allow companies to keep time and operate efficiently. While some network wall clocks such as PoE clocks are still in use, there’s plenty of benefit to updating to WiFi clocks:

Easy to Maintain

Traditional hard-wired clocks proved hard to maintain in the past with so many connections and parts to maintain. Thankfully, WiFi clocks just need to be integrated into your existing network. This is easily done with just a wireless router and these network wall clocks can run for years with very little risk of something going awry.

Easy to Install

In the past, IT departments have been kept busy installing the wires and ethernet cables of traditional network wall clocks. Thankfully, WiFi clocks are simple to install and can usually be preconfigured to a company’s network, which means your IT department can save time and focus on other, more pressing needs.

They Go Everywhere

Since WiFi clocks have no wires and can be seamlessly connected to a network, they can literally be placed anywhere in an office space or a warehouse. Gone are the days of having to put clocks in strategic places to account for the length of various cables and wires.

They’re Extremely Accurate

Let’s face it, the entire purpose of any clock, whether it’s in your home or in an office setting is to tell time accurately. Thankfully, network clocks synchronize with your company’s network daily, so time and accuracy won’t be issues.

They’re Affordable

Some companies look at the latest and greatest in technology and assume it’s going to cost an arm and leg to implement. Fortunately, WiFi clocks are very cost-effective since they’re durable, long-lasting and don’t come with the hassle of cables.

At the end of the day, businesses big and small depend on speed and accuracy to deliver their goods and services to customers. With easy to install, low maintenance, and affordable WiFi wall clocks, companies can be even faster and more accurate with the right technology to guide them along.

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