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Top 5 Benefits of PoE Synchronized Clocks

internet connected clock

Internet connected clocks aren’t new to facility management, but the number of products utilizing Ethernet is increasing. In particular, a very common yet unexpected fixture using Ethernet connectivity is the humble wall clock.

PoE clocks (Power over Ethernet) are synchronized clocks that keep accurate time by connecting to the internet via Ethernet. Not only do these internet connected clocks acquire highly-accurate time through the Ethernet connection — they also pull their energy directly from Ethernet, so they don’t require an external power source to run (hence the name “Power over Ethernet”).

With Ethernet being a very common connection in many businesses and even homes, PoE clocks offer a degree of simplicity that other timekeeping solutions can’t compete with. In addition to this basic simplicity, the following are five distinct advantages to using PoE internet connected clocks for your facility’s timekeeping purposes.

Both Individual and Global Time Settings Supported

PoE clock systems are feature-rich, offering both individual and system-wide configurations. Featured settings include time zone offsets, automatic daylight savings time updates, and military time formats. These options prove highly beneficial to financial, military, and global institutions.

Highly-Accurate, Dependable Timekeeping

PoE network clocks are always synchronized to either a local or internet-based NTP or SNTP server. This ensures that accurate time is displayed on every clock in a given facility. Having standardized time like this helps improve an entire organization’s punctuality, productivity, and efficiency. Highly-accurate time isn’t just a luxury. For factories, hospitals, schools, and legal organizations, it’s an absolute must.

Ultimate Installation Flexibility

Since there’s no need for AC wall outlets to power PoE clocks, you have more options as to where you can place them. This offers a degree of flexibility and freedom that other timekeeping systems can’t compare to. All you need to establish a synchronized clock system in your facility with PoE is a technician to run a single Ethernet cable to its access point. From there, you can relocate clocks and expand your system as much as you need to.

Lower Installation and Operation Costs

PoE synchronized time clocks involve a reduced installation fee compared to other systems, since both power and internet connectivity are provided through the same cable. This eliminates the need for licensed electricians to install electrical wiring and wall outlets throughout your facility. And since PoE IP network clocks will utilize your existing Ethernet infrastructure, you don’t need any special equipment or connections.

As if that wasn’t already enough, PoE clocks utilize 48-volt DC power to run, which makes them incredibly energy-efficient to use.

Fewer Disruptions

When you compare PoE clocks to wireless LAN-powered clocks, there’s simply no comparison to be made. Ethernet is far less susceptible to disruptions caused by physical obstructions, bandwidth limits, and radio wave interference.

From lower cost of installation to higher reliability, Power over Ethernet internet connected clocks are an obvious win for any business or organization.

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