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Cut the Cord and Cut the Costs: The Top Benefits of Wi-Fi Clocks

synchronized clocks

Your timekeeping efforts — or lack thereof — can help or break your plans. Like many concepts in the modern world that are striving to make your life better, you can now make your time management even easier with wireless synchronized clocks.

Understanding wireless technology

Following your needs and preferences, you can opt for wireless clocks that harness Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, or RF (radio frequency). The synchronized clock systems that utilize Bluetooth technology creates a mesh of connections where one clock communicates to the next in a chain. That way, each clock will display the same time as another in an instant.

However, one major drawback of Bluetooth synchronized clocks is that physical obstructions easily compromise them. They are also short-range, with class 2 technology Bluetooth clocks ranging a limit of 35-50 feet.

Radiofrequency synchronized clocks utilize a master controller. The master clock system can be programmed to offer more than just a time system; for instance, they can be programmed to control systems such as lighting and bell ringing. They can also be connected to an audio device among other gadgets with an open switch on your property.

Among the technologies we use to keep time, WiFi digital clocks are the most popular choice, in part, thanks to its numerous benefits. The clocks that use WiFi utilize the same wireless network as any of the other digital gadgets in your property, like your phone or computer. When every clock is connected to the same network through WiFi, this allows your clock to showcase better synchronized time within your business.

Wireless clocks benefits

There are countless benefits to installing synchronized clocks through the power of WiFi. Here are just some of the benefits your business can experience when you make the switch:

Easy installation

The wireless network clock system is easy to install with little requirements; after all, there is no need for wires to connect WiFi wall clocks. And if you need additional functionalities, like connecting to your audio devices, the process is easy and straightforward. However, you can always rely on the help of a professional when you’re worried about installing it correctly. A professional will ensure your synchronized clocks are installed with care and efficiency.

Once you get your network time clock and master controller (if the wireless clock uses it), all you have to do is to hang your WiFi digital wall clock, and you are set to enjoy synchronized time in your office or workplace.

Hassle-free maintenance

If you have ever had to disassemble a clock to fix it, you know just how frustrating it is. Maintenance costs can eat up a significant portion of your finances, especially when the clocks are older. With regular upgrades, your business may have to incur extra expenses to keep your synchronized clocks working efficiently.

With wireless digital clocks, demanding maintenance requirements are eliminated. The only thing that needs regular check is battery replacement if your wireless clock is battery operated. The good news is that the batteries come in packs that could serve you for three to five years, meaning you won’t have to incur extra expenses.

Cost-effective choice

As wired clocks technology continues to become obsolete, more manufacturers have stopped making them. Their parts availability continues to diminish as well. The decreasing numbers of availability mean that purchasing a wired clock is now more expensive than ever before.

The continued technological advancements in this field mean that you can get quality network clocks at a price that works for you. What’s more, their easy installation and operability enhance your business’ productivity, ensuring that you spend less while gaining more.

Time management can be tricky; you probably don’t even have time to consider every unit time. For instance, did you know that Planck’s time — the smallest unit time — is about 3.3 x 10 to the -44 power of a second? That’s the time it takes for light to travel Planck’s length. When you opt for a WiFi digital wall clock, you can enjoy these fast speeds and seamless synchronization to ensure that your business gets the most out of your engagements.

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