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3 Ways Power Over Ethernet Timekeeping Is The Best Choice For Your Business

Thinking about timekeeping isn’t something that enters into the everyday lives of most people. Trust in advanced technologies has rendered us almost involuntarily dependent on those technologies keeping time accurately for us. This, of course, hasn’t always been the case and the importance of those technologies keeping our lives, businesses, and leisure chronologically aligned can’t be overstated.

For your business, you might not think a few seconds of inaccuracy matter, but even the smallest inconveniences can having rippling repercussions. So we’re going look at how timekeeping via Power over Ethernet — PoE clocks or PoE network clocks, for short — are good for business.

No More Guesswork

Over time, clocks used to lose their accuracy. It was slow and gradual but eventually became noticeable. Those days are over. With PoE clocks, all of them are plugged into the same network, synchronizing every single one of them via NTP. Born in 1985, Network Time Protocol (NTP) is the oldest internet protocol still in use today. Hence how an NTP clock and PoE clocks can be synchronized and controlled from the same network, accurately showing the same time universally.

Manageable Logistics

The technology itself is cost effective and simple to install and manage. You can sync to any timezones in the world, multiple if you so desire. The technology is ready to plug into your network, not to mention that PoE technology is more energy efficient than regular electrical options.

Convenience And Access

Beyond the ease of plugging into the ethernet network you already have, there’s very little after that to trifle with. Even things so seemingly trivial as adjusting for Daylight Saving Time are managed automatically via the network. And one of the most important features is the ability to store time data. Whatever time insights you want to track for your business can be collected and shared through your network, bidding goodbye to lost time and giving you insights you may not have thought of tracking before.

Looking to take a step toward advancing your timekeeping technologies? TimeMachines is here to help educate and illuminate the options you have. NTP clocks, PoE digital clocks, WiFi wall clocks, and any network time server needs you might have will be handled professionally by the specialists at TimeMachines. Stop wasting your time, contact us today.

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