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Why GPS Time Clocks Make Sense For Employee Time Keeping

Time may be a construct fabricated by human beings, but it’s arguably the most important one we have. It’s especially important in the business world, where time and money are synonymous commodities.

We’ve come a long way from standing in a line to punch time cards, but the idea remains the same. Advanced technological integration has allowed us to evolve our timekeeping abilities beyond a card and hole puncher. One of these advancements was the invention of GPS time clocks.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is technology that uses satellites to pinpoint locations. All 31 working satellites in the Global Positioning System have highly accurate atomic clocks built into them. Let’s check out how the combination of global positioning and timekeeping make so much sense together.

Accountability and Accuracy

Trust has always been an issue between businesses and employees. Knowing the where and when an employee clocks into work can help reassure that hours aren’t being padded. This is also important with a workforce that’s increasingly distributed. Strictly brick-and-mortar offices are being replaced more and more often with remote work. A GPS time clock does well to keep accurate time and position tabs on a workforce that could be anywhere around the world.


Think of field service work and how GPS time clocks could make jobs more efficient. If a field service call comes in, a manager has only to look at who is clocked in and what their position is, then they can assign the closest active personnel to the call. In an emergency, GPS time clocks display who’s active and who’s five blocks from the scene versus five miles, making efficient decision making that much easier.

Troubleshooting and Recordkeeping

The business world needs solid logistical order. Being able to account for locations and time worked keeps work quality higher. Known as the observer effect, when people know they can potentially be monitored they tend to steer away from haphazard work habits. Of course, if there’s ever a problem that needs to be addressed, GPS time clocks already know the when and where so employers and workers only need to focus on a problem rather than having to locate it first.

With a GPS time clock, time really is on your side.

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