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Worried About Your Budget? How NTP Time Servers Can Save You Money Month After Month

ntp time server

There’s no denying that time is a relative construct. In fact, between 1929 and 1931, the Soviet Union tried to institute 6-day weeks as a standard for time. It failed, but imagine how much confusion and change in productivity businesses would have if time wasn’t standardized. But even with a standard time system across the globe, many businesses still end up losing money and productivity when their clocks are inaccurate. An NTP time server can take the uncertainty and inaccuracy out of managing your payroll and your budget. Here’s how:

Eliminates Confusion with the Timeclock

Standard timeclocks may not always paint an accurate picture of your employees hours worked. Worse, that inaccuracy can cause them to accidentally run late on breaks, cutting into the company’s productivity. If the time clock is off from the rest of the clocks around the building, employees won’t be able to monitor their time and make sure they get back to work on time throughout the day.

Accuracy Impacts Overtime Pay

If you have hourly non-exempt employees, you need to know exactly how many hours they work each week, especially if you’re planning on asking them to work overtime. If the time clock is not accurate and you miscalculate overtime pay, your business may be subject to fines and penalties under state law. The Federal Labor Standards Act sets regulations in place that determine when employees earn overtime pay. If they discover that your business has been withholding pay, even accidentally, you’ll face disciplinary action.

Reduces Payroll Expenses

Errors in payroll and accounting can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Adding a single minute to an employee’s timecard when it hasn’t actually been worked can cost you hundreds over the course of the year. An NTP time server guarantees that the time on the timeclock matches your computers, integrated network clocks, and associated NTP wall clocks. The more accurate your company’s timekeeping is, the less likely you are to have payroll errors, reducing your total operating budget month after month.

Streamline your business’s productivity by integrating an NTP time server into your operation. Time is money and the more accurate your company’s clocks are, the better off you’ll be.

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