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2 Common Employee Scheduling Problems that NTP Clocks Can Solve

ntp clockIf you work in a managerial position, chances are, you’ve had to deal with the many headaches that come with employee scheduling. Even the most organized managers know that handling time off requests, sick leaves, perpetually late employees, and still finding enough people to cover a shift is a full time job itself.


Time sheet problems are not only frustrating, but also expensive– every day, the U.S. economy loses approximately $7.4 billion due to improperly filed time sheets.


While no technological system will change human nature, clock servers and NTP clock systems can help your employee scheduling get a little more organized. Here are two common scheduling problems that NTP clocks can help ameliorate:


1. Frequent Lateness


While occasionally getting stuck in traffic or arriving late to a meeting is no big deal, employees who are late for everything need to be held accountable. Though your business can’t force tardy employees to arrive to work earlier, your office, school, or hospital can ensure that employees arrive to in-building functions on time using network time servers. These devices ensure that every clock in your building and every computer in your system is keeping time within milliseconds of one another. GPS time clocks can even keep time through connection to satellite servers, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling confusion should your company face internet or electric issues. With systems like these, none of your employees will be able to use the excuse that their clock is slow when they arrive late for a meeting or appointment.


2. Poor Remote Worker Accountability


Though allowing workers to complete company tasks away from home can boost employee satisfaction and encourage work-life balance, some employers find that remote workers tend to fall behind productivity expectations. Sometimes, remote workers make mistakes with managing their online time punches. In other scenarios, employees traveling in different time zones can fall behind on company tasks due to time difference confusion. With network time clocks, remote workers can all remain on the exact same time schedule. Timekeeping software can also help your company manage remote time sheets, vacation time banks, and hours-worked countdowns for more productive home-based employees.


Network time protocol is one of the oldest timekeeping protocols, and has been used on the internet since 1985. If your business is struggling with worker productivity and time management, consider installing tried-and-true NTP clocks. These devices cut excuses down to the millisecond, and help you keep everyone on track to get the job done. For more information about network clocks, contact Time Machines today!

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