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3 Common Issues Solved By Network Time Servers

network time serverTime may be relative, but it is also relatively important. In order for your business to run effectively the time on your clocks must be synchronized in some way. Given that the majority of businesses function globally, having a relative server time which all other clocks follow will significantly increase the efficiency of your company. Whether it manages meeting notices for your global employee base or the start and stop time of your factory equipment, a network time server is an essential part of your business.

Servers use a precision time protocol to synchronize clocks on a network. This process was standardized in 2002 by the IEEE. Timeservers do more than just boost overall team efficiency, they can also prevent potential issues that can arise when your systems become are no longer synchronized. Issues like:

    1. Automated Process FailureIf the system you use to manage automated processes has lagged, the processes themselves may start late or might not even begin. A ptp time server would force that system into a synchronized time. By synchronizing the computer to the network time server you will prevent the potential breakdown this automation.
    2. Software Authorization Struggles 

      Any process your business uses that connects to the internet would be completely hampered by an incorrect clock on your computer. If the time on your computer varies too greatly from the time server used by the service you are attempting to connect to on the internet, the page won’t load and you will be denied access to the service. A network clock will regulate your computer time and prevent access issues from taking away from your company’s productivity.

    3. Motherboard Battery Issues 

      You may feel that a time server is unnecessary when you can set the time and manually synchronize the clock; however, if the battery on your motherboard is dying it will no longer be able to store time information on your computer. As a result, your computer clock will lag consistently and you won’t be able to keep it correct. By connecting to a network time server, you will be preventing this potential issue from happening.

Any one of these issues is enough to bring your business efforts to a halt. While none of them is in itself catastrophically bad, the time away while trying to fix a simple time problem a waste of your own time and money. By connecting to a network time clock you are preventing potential business problems in the future.

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