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Maximizing Organizational Efficiency Through Network Time Servers

time serverA company’s success is determined by all kinds of factors, but its efficiency rating is perhaps the most important. If efficiency goes out the window for an organization attempting to compete with dozens of other businesses, virtually every aspect of running a business will falter as well. Once efficiency drops, so do productivity, engagement, workplace happiness, and so much more.

That’s why every single company, no matter the industry, needs to focus on maximizing efficiency across the entire organization.

Perhaps the best way to achieve maximum efficiency, aside from hiring extremely motivated and qualified individual employees, is to ensure that every second of every day is not only accounted for but accurate — that’s where network clock time servers come in.

Time accuracy and synchronization is extremely important for businesses of any size. If one person is not operating on the same time network, there could be catastrophic errors that could potentially ruin a company. Missing one important meeting, not delivering a shipment on time, or not being on the same page about billing are timing issues that could be easily fixed if a company was operating on an accurate and synchronized network.

In order to find an efficient and accurate network, a server should reach a stratum level of as close to one as possible. The term “stratum” refers to the closeness to a high quality network server. The stratum indicates the place of a particular time server in a hierarchy of servers. The scale goes from one to 15, with one being the most accurate.

From small WiFi digital wall clocks to Global Positioning System (GPS) network server setups, ensuring that your organization is operating on a synchronized and accurate timeframe is a great way to maximize, or at the very least improve, your organization’s efficiency.

If you want to learn more about NTP time servers, or find high quality WiFi digital clocks to improve the way your company operates, give Time Machines a call today.

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